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My girlfriend is self conscious of her body !

How do I make my girlfriend less insecure ? I find that Pay her a compliment is the best solution. Insecurity ruins lives instead of enjoying our lives enjoying the world around us we spend all of our time worrying about ways in which we are inadequate. I used to […]

How to learn vietnamese fast ?

1) Find a Vietnamese to speak too How to maitain relationship without compromising study mission Let your vietnamese friend know your goal and know you need support 2) Join social group both online and offline Search fb, twitter, snapchat, instagram group for newbie study Vietnamese, then ask to join Introduce […]

Can we use hand sanitizer on face?

The skin on your face is very delicate You should realise that the toughness of the skin varies as per the part of the body. The skin on the face is thinner and softer than the one on the hands. Hand sanitizer in general has high drying power, therefore can […]

Best Hair Salon In Dubai Top 10

10. HInternational Hair salon Dubai +971 50 170 2650 9. Aveda Salon +971 4 350 5257 8. Hair Concept Salon +971 4 452 8031 7. Casa Havana Beauty Salon +971 4 321 5757 6. Gladys Beauty Saloon-Dubai +971 4 447 6663 5. Brushed beauty salon +971 4 434 0822 4. […]

List of what to buy for newborn ?

What is the most accurate home pregnancy test ?

What to do about bad noisy neighbors ?

What can happen when you don’t pay your credit card debt

How To Fix Bra Underwires ?

Today I’m going to help  you fix a common problem with our bras  now we’ve all been there here’s a  perfectly good bra  however the underwire of the bra is  popped out at the end obviously gets a  lot of distress in that area and but  it’s a perfectly good […]

Do I Have Dementia ? I’m Forgetting Names

You may have forgotten your best friend name or why you have come to a shop for which you can even lead you to ask, ‘Do I have dementia?’. This may not be dementia it could be down to stress or depression. Stress and Depression Stress and depression are stressful. […]