Best Cat Collar Camera UK Review

In this Best Cat Collar Camera UK Review you will find out about products available to put a camera on to your cat the market for their products are limited and expensive for the quality of the camera you are getting i have gone the best to bring you the best options.

Some pet cameras are designed especially for capturing action from your pet’s point of view directly on his collar. Other action cameras mount on your pet’s chest or back on a harness. Unless you don’t care about the quality of the footage and the other really useful features that more expensive ones have I wouldn’t get a cheap one of these cameras as the video quality on cheaper models are really bad, don’t have 4K, aren’t waterproof and won’t have night vision features.

1. Digital Pet Collar CAM Camera DVR Video Recorder Monitor for Cats And Dogs Puppies,Silver

Product Feature:Highly reliable and long lasting
Camera type:Photographic integration
sensor type:CMOS
Sensor pixel:1.3 million
Anti-shake performance:Electronic
Interface:USB 2.0
Battery type:Lithium battery
Battery life:60 minutes
Image Resolution :0.3 Mega Pixels (640×480)
Image Type:JPG
Shutter Speed:1/4 ~ 1/10000 S
Shutter:Electronic Shutter
Package inculded:1PC x Camera、1PC x Pet collar、1PC x USB Cable、1PC x user manual
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2. Digital video and audio camera, with collar, to discover your pet’s life.

Digital video and audio camera, with collar, to discover your pet's life.

For such a reasonably priced item this camera gives excellent picture and sound – certainly could not expect more for the price.
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If you are looking to get a cheap cat with collar camera i would buy a action camera then strap it to the cat their are lots on this website just search action camera then action camera strap. See above video on how to strap to the cat .