Can Ragdoll Cat Go Outside ( Everything you need to know )


have owned seven ragdoll cats for more than 5 years. Thus, all your concerns and questions about how to take care of your new ragdolls would be found in this article.

can ragdoll cat go outside

Ragdoll cats can go outside after 7 day of being in the new home. It is recommended that installing a cat flap would be ideal in order for the cat to go in and out of your home. I would not recommend letting a ragdoll outside if you live by motorway as a chance of being run over. Secondly, the noisy road would scare ragdolls as they are sensitive to noise and not active in running for their life. Thirdly, motorway homeowners should be careful of thief and cat missing issues as it is typical in this kind of area. With the quick act and the busy background, the ragdoll cat could be taken away without giving a sound. Ragdoll is very trustworthy and easygoing therefore it will not be a problem for meeting new people or strangers. In fact, ragdoll is very friendly and loves to be touched and taken care of by whoever that person is. Therefore, take a great deal of attention to your ragdoll cat until you guys become close. By doing that, you prevent a chance of your ragdoll being taken away by strangers. It is because ragdoll is very smart to recognise and identify closeness by its all senses. Thus, when a ragdoll develops a relationship with you- its new owner/ friend, it will be more concerned when strangers approach it with bad purposes. All in all, letting a ragdoll cat go outside is a choice not only on beautiful days but also on rainy days depending on the mood of that day. Therefore, keeping your ragdoll cat prepared for a- z steps to spending time outside with the sun would be ideal before actually letting it go on its own. It is advised that going with your ragdoll in your hand going to the garden/ outside for a few times till you feel it is the right point to let your ragdoll cat go alone.

will ragdoll cat scratch furniture

Furniture is a taste and it makes a house like home. Therefore, it is a must to maintain the quality and the originality of it. There would be no chance to replace an expensive/ inexpensive furniture which carries such much memory whether it is joyful or not. As a well-behaved nature like us, we only want to invite those who share the same manner. As such, it is now such a relief to know that a ragdoll cat has such a quality that we are long for. Speaking from my experience, which unmistakably satisfies one, none of my ragdoll cats have scratched any furniture, even the pillow or curtain, not to mention the rug. It is such a relief to understand that ragdoll cat behavior is so high class and elegant to put your home into their hand to make it as lively as it should be without violence or a scratch. On the other hand, there could be some unexpected DNA genes or some bad judgment from the ragdoll cat once a while for some reason, e.g. hungry, lonely, sad, misjudge, etc., that would lead to a little misbehavior sometimes. In those rare cases, I would advise you to be patient, and a little talk and sharing your understanding with your ragdoll cat would be a step to prevent this from ever happening again. If this unusual situation has not been changed or it keeps repeating itself for some reasons, buying a scratch post would be a wise temporary solution for you to stop the cat from destroying the furniture until the ragdoll cat is still again.

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does ragdoll cat shed

Shedding hair is one of the most common problems for anyone to decide whether to get a ragdoll cat or not. As a common knowledge, shedding hair will cause messy, sneezy or even worse allergies to its owner. Thus, it is an obvious reason that bothers so many potential ragdoll cat owners as well as ragdoll cat fans. Therefore, please carefully consider before having yourself one as a respect to the ragdoll cat feeling. This should be a nature calling problem so there is no way to stop ragdoll cat shedding. Obviously, there are so many inventions, thoughts about how to make ragdoll cat shedding less. It all depends on how the ragdoll cat adjusts and adapts with the medication e.g. special shampoo, diet, exercise, etc. It may take a while for you to love your ragdoll cat as it is, however messy or its hair problem. Thus, it demands real passion and patience to get over this problem as it will happen day by day, not fast forward somehow. However, there are simpler ways to control this concerning issue. Simple as a hair remover roller or a separate cat shed would save your problem temporarily. It is an easy and fun way to make you less hate this issue till the day it would not bother you anymore. On the other hand, if your ragdoll cat has very long hair, you will spend all your time doing your home with a hair remover as roller. Ragdoll cats shed hair everywhere.

can a ragdoll cat be left alone

Yes a ragdoll cat can be left alone if you have an auto feeder, cat water fountain and cat flap. I would test that the products are working for two months before leaving the cat alone with them or your ragdoll will die. An auto feeder will feed the cat on a time shendel which you set. Cat water fountain allow the cat to drink water when needed Cat flap will allow the ragdoll cat to go in and out of your home as a small opening to allow pets to enter and exit a building on their own without needing a human to open the door. Test the product by going through the product manual and test each function for two months to make sure it will work when you leave your cat alone.

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can a ragdoll cat have green eyes

Eye can be in any colour as it wants. It is the same for both humans and cats. It all depends on ragdoll cat DNA to have green eyes or not. If green eyes are what you are looking for, you need to find hard as it is kind of rare one. However, people said do not look into the car eyes, it will trigger the anger of them. It could be right or wrong but do carefully when choosing your cat eyes. It may hurt you straight in the face very fast. It is not a wise decision to get that close to the ragdoll cat when you just first meet. This closeness will scare them off and it may act on its anger toward you. Actually, there is a simpler way to find out the right ragdoll cat eyes that you want. It can be pre confirm over the phone when speaking with a ragdoll cat shop, then just re- confirm it when you come to the shop with the ragdoll cat. Or checking with the pre ragdoll cat owner, to understand about the ragdoll cat genes before picking them up. As normally said, only purchase those that satisfy your needs, so consider your ragdoll cat is one of them. Therefore, spending more time with research and making sure it sticks all your requirement boxes would be ideal for longer enjoying time with your ragdoll cat such as their characteristics, behaviours, hobby, ways of doing stuffs, etc. With that in mind, you will not only find your ragdoll cat has green eyes but also find a partner for life. Thanks me later, good luck with the cat mingle till you find the right one.

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Can you shave and cut a ragdoll cat hair

Maintaining ragdoll cat hygiene is very important. Imagine a ragdoll cat is a human being. Washing it up and nurturing it would make it feel good. Therefore, spending more time with your ragdoll cat in the bathroom would spice your relationship up. Ragdoll cat loves to be clean so using good shampoo would be recommended. After that, dry your ragdoll cat out completely, then you can shave your ragdoll. And shaving your ragdoll is an art. It is a fragile thing that always wants to look beautiful, especially about its perfect fur. It demands a high end cut as maintaining a bag cut would be very unpleasant, not only for ragdoll cat but also for the owner.

what is ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat is a type of cat that is quite expensive to own, maintain, nurture and live with. It requires a lot of care and it is not cheap financially or mentally. It varies in different shapes and sizes, color and character. A ragdoll is a cat with long hair developed by American breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s. It is known for his laid-back, floppy attitude. It is quite rare to get a one that satisfies all your requirements. Thus, a little trade off between cat requirements would make the process easier in order for you to get your hand on the ragdoll cat. Moreover, a ragdoll cat is not a fan to be alone, adopting two or three at a time would make the ragdoll cat team happier. Therefore, it is a thought before you think of having one as the more the merrier. I would say prepare yourself financially before taking any action of getting one.

what’s a ragdoll cat look like

Appearance is everything whichever purchase you make. So does the ragdoll cat. The beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. Thus, write down what you require from your ragdoll cat pet and keep looking until you find the one that matches your taste. As anything has been created, ragdoll cats vary based on genes, DNA, living condition, growth speed, etc. It is a good idea to search pictures, reviews and feedback to any your ideal ragdoll cat before buying any.