What Animal Eats Pepper Plants

The following animals will eat your pepper plants slugs & snails, aphids (greenfly/blackfly), pepper maggots,whitefly and nematodes. Flea beetles, cutworms, horn worms, thrips, spider mites, rabbits, squirrels, deer and leaf miners. Do rabbits eat pepper plants Rabbits will eat your pepper plant the only way you can stop them is a rabbit-proof fence around the … Read more

Is My Juniper Dead ?

Your Juniper bonsai tree is dead when the roots have dried up completely you can’t save the Juniper. You can test each branch by bending the branch. If the branches are flexible and full of sap, they will come back to alive. If they’re brittle and dry, they’re dead and will not come back to … Read more

Do Orchids Cause Hay Fever

Orchids. You don’t have to worry about orchids if you get hay fever or allergic to flowers. Although they are not pollen-free (they have sticky pollen), it’s very unlikely for the pollen to become airborne. The plants that need to be looking out for are the ones where the pollen can be transferred by the … Read more

Top Advantages Of Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening starts with lots of little plants. which can give us food and oxygen to breathe but when they get together something incredible happen vertical gardens are a collection of plants that harness the power of nature producing remarkable benefits plants. The top advantages are with people with a limited space is that I … Read more

How To Clear Overgrown Yard Ultimate Guide

You will need to buy, rent or borrow a petrol mower, petrol strimmer, lawn rake and garden waste sacks. please read the guide below carefully. 1.Use the petrol strimmer Where the grass is extremely high that hasn’t  been cut a long time you can’t just come  in with a lawnmower and expect to mow  this … Read more