Cat for Sale

You can find cats for sale on Vinelady marketplace. The breeder should provide you with information on your kitten’s current diet and care. If your kitten’s a pedigree, you should also receive details of their lineage and a registration certificate. If relevant, health certificates for the mother and father may be given too. Additionally, dates … Read more

Can cat fleas live on humans (Why? What did I do wrong)

Yes, humans can get fleas from their cats and other pets. If you’ve ever walked across the carpet and noticed a dark speck on white socks that suddenly appears then vanishes, that speck probably was a flea. There are thousands of types of fleas out in the world, with each having different characteristics, preferred hosts, … Read more

Dealing With Getting Older My Way

I know nothing about getting old how’s my gran’s and don’t see any elderly relative come here when I imagine being told I think about going down the local club and playing bingo and being sat at home surrounded by loads of cats I mean why would I spend my time a short stint as … Read more

Pre Pregnancy Planning

My life is now I do what I want with who I want change anytime soon 29 and the average age of a first-time mum in Britain don’t seem to have a maternal bone in my body it’s not that I don’t like babies I love that’s not ready for any of my own feel … Read more

Go Sober For Four Weeks

This is my regular weekend routine getting a pre drinks and ready for a baby the look of this apparently 3 people under the age of 25 I don’t know anyone that don’t drink so she doesn’t like my kind of thing when it comes to alcohol is there something in it I’m gonna try … Read more

Vaginal Odour 101: The Essential Guide

Our private parts are not something we talk about much. Especially in social media. However vaginal odor can be something that can occur for any number of reasons and when it does it can be very embarrassing. The fact that it’s a bit of a taboo subject makes it hard to find advice when you … Read more

McDonalds Acts Like They Invented Iced Coffee or Something

Now that McDonald’s is displaying proud banners throughout the world that they have “iced coffee!” you can be sure that the once unusual and eccentric beverage is a trend that’s exceeded its critical mass. Isn’t Mickey D’s the barometer of when trends reach the point where they become totally and forever uncool? In the last … Read more

What you need to know today about the virus outbreak

A person walks along the Las Vegas Strip devoid of the usual crowds after casinos have been ordered to shut down due to the coronavirus Wednesday, March 18, 2020, in Las Vegas. For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and … Read more