Go Sober For Four Weeks

This is my regular weekend routine getting a pre drinks and ready for a baby the look of this apparently 3 people under the age of 25 I don’t know anyone that don’t drink so she doesn’t like my kind of thing when it comes to alcohol is there something in it I’m gonna try to give up my beloved Brewers Fayre do you want to sleep on the sofa Side of Life testing friendships phone relationship Spider-Man characters you releasing it I want you just to let it go see if I’ve done long-term damage to my god I’m just praying that im ok to be honest as Judgement Day I’m going sober wish me luck I’m gonna need it before I go 4 weeks alcohol-free. I’m having one last blow out with the girls preloading before hitting the town I’ve been drinking this way for years if you didn’t drink every weekend what else would we do on weekend like Swan Lake Antigua enjoy yourself you know the one you have a drink and relax exactly you that’s when your best sides come out Jenny Gibson wrestler 4 bottles of wine and a litre of gin later were ready to hit the town carnival one we’re already wasted tennis shops are calling Ricardo Jimenez we’re not the only one who like Tupac over 2 million at school to get smashed at least once a month let’s just go away we live for nights like and every night and the same not pretty Anastasia the beginning reliability menace.

I am a menace I’m a Menace iPad minis I am ruthless so this is where drug Keighley and there’s no controlling her file shaman and to be honest ending up in the kettle at the end of the night is pretty standard so maybe a man’s after booze is no bad thing one of my 28-day challenge in the morning after the night before last night and I’m suffering with anxiety comparison over everywhere I can’t wait to go to I can’t wait I may be attempting to give up alcohol for 4 weeks but a growing number of us are choosing to live boot free 24/7 how do we drink alcohol cause I just think if we do expensive so you can spend £100 on a night out new state show that drinking is there a 20-year low and it’s young people in particular who are ditching the booze completely Halifax third of young people it’s not going to be easy it’s really not like step one of my silver challenge getting rid of temptation fast decent amount just in the house if I’m going to do this properly I’ve got to first come clean about how much I actually drink and how far back my bruising goes Jesus is taking me back down memory lane I’ve got some proper perlas yeah I started drinking about this age 14-15 thinking about it I drink hardback swing parks I don’t know why I started binge drinking a young age.

I know my friends did it wasn’t just me on my own I’m going to any problems Lincoln to fitting is it just because I don’t people think I’d be lying if I said that alcohol doesn’t make me more wouldn’t go on a dance floor loads of people there so old I am doing a lot drinking at home 6 bottles of wine a week at least Clare and Ali so I’m just putting in now how much I drink in a week into this drink unit holy s*** I am drinking between 60 to 80 units a week that’s over 4 times the recommended safe limit I know I’m drinking a lot more than I should problem is I love the bus I get from being drunk my anxiety goes and I feeling control if only I could experience Morris like to be drunk when I’m Stone Cold Sober drunk goggles will help me do just that drunk enters the bloodstream by the stomach and from their travels to the brain affecting balance and muscle control leading to slurred speech and blurred vision making an end of the night snack more than the little tricky Genesis Broughton oh my god cos you are looking stunning you honey mega.nz these things and have to put anyone off a Saturday night sesh but if I’m going to make it to the end of the month a weird scuba mask to put me off the booze going to meet someone therapy like me from the relationship with alcohol.

I’m totally brickin it as I have no idea what she’s going to do to me Audi Motability Elsa Frank is a she believes the best way to break those habits Cirencester emotionally alright football what age did you first 14 how would you summarise how you feel about your drinking in a sentence I don’t like myself when I’m driving sorry I basically cashlady crazy hazy side when I drink too much as I cough local out last night I do it but you know it’s like you days to recover then next Friday you both doing the same thing is that going to do relax and I’m going to change those habits on a deeper level ok so I want you just put your hands on here ok good and then we’re just close your eyes normal breathing and breathing breathing normal breathing deep relax now really really deeply relax I’m feeling super chilled straight I’m going to go under explore the negative Association subconscious level Adidas Dubai to the alcohol it’s been stopping you from getting on with your life taking your money it’s been taking your why you feel it’s been losing you confidence it’s been a good wave goodbye to it all with that is going the anxiety also use regression techniques news from the past before alcohol was in my life what you just say listen to my voice and imagine in your mind there’s a room that leads onto a garden into the garden.

Can you see a fence seagate the gate and allow a little child to come from behind the gateway to reach down to the little girl and as you look closer you’ll see this is your inner child I want you to reach out and give her the reassurance that she needs and you’re just gonna blow out the emotions now I just want you to blow out the emotions just blowing out the emotions that and you’re just gonna let her rest a little head on your shoulder ok it just gonna let her rest her head on your shoulder I want you to let it go hold on to you and give her the support and their security and the emotional support that she need she may be very emotional take me back to the time for the racket dislike they do anything differently way too much for me and I mean isn’t Young’s playing around in my head and think God to me 10 days into my silver challenge and I’m doing everything I can to keep the age to drink a babe gagging my head’s going it’s the weekend I knew this is 24 hours later and my sober lifestyle a night out with the girls feels so so strange without a glass of wine in my hand I feel like something’s missing I feel bad I feel naked I can’t remember the last time I went out sober I just don’t feel it in the mood to go out because I haven’t had a pick me up here a skinful already to keep me on the straight and sober.

I volunteer to drive them to Cardiff stop stop stop stop the designated driver I’m on the water bloody great accessories is boruto I love to dance but without the help of a few drinks there’s nowhere Yangon on the dance floor really differently out tonight I’m swaggin cause I can’t stop doing it to me I have just had to come out in 5 minutes on my own like the girls having a whale of a time they have in my phone or on their levels was just know the same for me and I’m trying to enjoy myself this so hard faults mailing online cloudy and then repeating themselves all night I can’t talk this is payback rollers I like them Dana ranked state I have to admit I am feeling a little smoke over in the morning girls a bit of a late night it seems to me that go and so but at the equivalent of social suicide this is going to be a long month so to get through it I’m going to need some serious inspiration Laurie McAllister is one of the UK’s most successful sober bloggers she’s the same age as me but hasn’t had a drop of alcohol for 3 years she’s now influencing others and making sobriety cool Lorien so hard if I’m going to do a long-term I do need some tips to go out but I leave early and then I’ll make sure I’ve planned and like having breakfast with someone else it wasn’t out or meeting my friends to earlier drink so we get some proper time together want to.

Stop drinking in the first place far too much are you still not remember how I got home with the journey I made to get home and that’s all things to scare the living daylights out of me and wake up the next day feeling so anxious about you know what I’ve done all I have a boy’s number in my phone and I did no like everything you saying so bad I could have some mornings oh my girl remember I don’t know what happened last night is one of the girls we’re all in the same boat and to be honest distance I’ve got from it I just see it is actually being kind of dangerous Jacqueline your friend you make it normal just because it’s all of you doesn’t mean it’s not something wrong talking to Lori has made me realise just how often I put my situations face up to the reality of how I behave when I’m drunk by first-hand from the best my mates sugar desserts I don’t want to be that one friend as a liability all the time shaman but if I really want to change my mindset about my drinking habits I’ve got to confront I’m joining Cardiff street pastors on a for an opening shift on the front line of duty Britain Martin Moss is one of a dedicated team of Christian volunteers who Patrol the city Street to help keep the trans of Cardiff safe we’ve only been out for 5 minutes and already someone young girl who lost everything username any news any phone seems to be an acceptable price of having a night Chinese these days people that intend to get off shooting water pressure on behaviour the mirror after vasectomy showing me what I’m like yes an amazing 20 days sober under my belt and my fellow pulls is really starting to feel normal I’m currently talking from the supermarket sparkling water.

Louie Louie really feels like I’m breaking my habit of drinking booze everyday going so but might be a lifestyle choice for me it’s what they have to do to stay alive 38 year old marketing exec Lindsay West does a happy social drinker enjoy and 4 bottles of wine a week upside down three years ago could you ever like stop and think right ok maybe if I am drinking too much yeah I did but I used to function used to hold the really senior role is to let my friends you know who looks after sun but then something happened in my personal life and drinking in a destructive way chips Lindsay’s drinking habit control within weeks she was drinking 3 bottles a day ways to drink a bottle to sleep and then I’d fall asleep then I’d wake up and then I drink and a bottle and I fall asleep and wake up just basically resume my own destructive came for 3 months mitted to hospital suffering from the effects of alcoholic liver disease she had severely and permanently damage to liver responsible for safely removing alcohol toxins from the body oasys and ended up staying in hospital for I probably when I went in weighed 11 stone and went down to 4 and a 10-year-old son at the time had to tell him I was going to die in the 5 months at the Last Rites for X after months of fighting her life doctors managed to stabilize her condition.

Now through abstaining taking I should have been looked after I’m not cross terminal it’s irreversible in terms of the level of damage in psoriasis that I’ve got liver disease my diagnosis for life now if you could let go back to like you 28 yourself if I was going to go back I wouldn’t drinking house drink certainly would not drink on my own because you don’t see it creeping up so I’ve been drinking for a long time and then that’s 3 months has sent me over the edge in a really short. You know I was just the same as you now faces a lifetime of hospital appointment medication and regular dialysis so what you think would have happened if you didn’t if I hadn’t stop drinking at the Dead someone his mum and so I would so that’s why I wanted to speak to you tennis today She Shook Me massively sunbed shop honestly that stories horror story for me meat and Lindsay is really worried me about what year my own body check to go with my reality check I am scared about today I mean I am a flat Bean stringer been drinking for 15 years so surely that’s gonna have some kind of effect on my live just praying that ok to be honest I’m eating liver specialist Dr Alastair O’Brien he’s going to tell me whether I’ve caused a long-term damage to my liver.

Alcohol delivery Leeds like a burn on your skin heals up with the smallest car is being repeated time and time and time again in your liver everytime you drink a lot and it leaves a little bit of scarring and that builds up over 15 to 30 years we believe two advanced liver damage so you just put yourself on there for me over 20000 people in alcoholic liver disease every year let me be one of them flicks on the side only take a few minutes proscan is a type of ultrasound that uses sound waves to assess the health of the liver so what this tells us is it your liver isn’t fantastic house you haven’t got any scarring so in spite of the fact that you’re drinking more alcohol than we recommend at this point in time your livers doing fine however Ocado if your future Liverpool have to be honest usual drinking at a level that we would define as at high risk please think about drinking a little some massive relief from now my liver hasn’t been damaged by drinking 20 years time my liver might not so yeah it has give me a wake up call and I just feel very relieved today to be honest with you then I’m ok I’m almost at the end of my 28 day sober challenge still one thing I want to put to the I love to dance but I still don’t think I can do it without a few drinks inside me so I’ve come to Hackney in the east end of London to see if I can lose my sober inhibitions.

It’s 7 a.m. and I’m about to go to a club and like any I’ve been to before it opens a breakfast time when I’m normally leaving the club I don’t know what’s going on but it’s 7 in the morning and I can use some rave music going on what the hell morning gloryville is a place where people come to party kosova there’s no booze insight infectious I can’t answer but after all done it I’ve done it I’m so impressed myself I’ve done 4 weeks so bad at Heywood show me I’m so proud of myself Sometimes lyrics think I’m finally getting to grips with why so many young people addiction the drink I’m never going to drink again would life be on booze and I’m razor

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