How does Honey (money coupon app) make money ?

For every purchase you make using the Honey link, Honey receives a few percent of the transaction. Sometimes it’s 0.5% sometimes 10%, depends on the merchant.

Then they decide how they want to share their commission with you. Similar products usually share half of the commission with you.


Spend $100 at the merchant using Honey’s referral link.

Honey gets $2 = 2%

Honey gives you $1 back (1%)

They say on their website ” Honey makes commissions from our merchant partners when a member uses Honey to find the best available coupons or to activate our Honey Gold rewards program. This is affiliate marketing, and it’s pretty common. What makes Honey unique is that we pass some of our earnings back to our members in the form of Honey Gold, our free rewards program: .This is a win-win for our members and for us and it’s what allows us to provide a free service (and without selling anyone’s data).”

What is Honey

It is a browser plugin that can get you a discount on online stores by using coupons that they provide you. Check out the plugin here
the online stores use it because Shopping cart abandonment is a major problem across all devices and industries. so they use honey to lower their Cart Abandonment rate which has a global average of 71.39%. shoppers leaving without completing their purchase.

honey and it’s free to install on your internet brawer so you guys can get to it faster but it hasn’t been loaded onto this computer yet this is a new computer that we bought for my son so I figured I’d use this one to show the installation but all you need to do is go to the link ( and click on Add to brower it’s free and add extension and honey will automatically load itself onto your browser.

I’m inside of the honey app and as you can see up in the right-hand corner it’s now on my browser so what this app does is when you’re in check out of any of the major retailers and you have your items in your cart no matter what it is you’re buying if there’s a coupon anywhere on the internet or in store for that item this little free program will automatically add that coupon code to check out to save you some money now you also get points for using honey called honey gold dollars which you can turn into Amazon gift cards

Now this little app usually makes me honey points well in dollars about $50 per week because of the amount of volume of stuff that I buy on Amazon so I make about $50 a week in Amazon gift cards for totally free so 200 bucks a month free money.

On the honey website its got stores that are currently having sales has coupon codes here so you could go through the stores and you go to Reebok a checkout you can type in sale now Skagen whatever that men shoes 20 sumer at checkout you’ll save money and 20% but this site will automatically put this stuff into your checkout for you so you don’t really need to go through this but if you wanted to go through this like I do to find Amazon FBA products.

Find sites that you like and sometimes they might have a 75 to 80 percent off coupon for a special and then you could buy some of their gear and turn it into a profit but as you can see up here this thing updates every hour it gives you the top stores of the hour so you always know what’s going on if you find a code that hasn’t been added a coupon code you can add a code to the system which a lot of people do as you can see a pop chart lab whatever that is they just added a 20% coupon by a user pat-pat 25 off your first order.

There’s a lot of money you can make with this so I’ll just go back to honey I’ll click on honey gold and it shows you offer Groupon right now has one to five percent off their orders Macy’s one to 20% up their orders and this stuff the stores don’t tell you about a lot of the time they don’t advertise it just when you go to checkout sometimes you know you see that redeem your voucher our coupon code you can get those from this site but this site since it’s done your browser it will automatically fill that information in.

My profile I get my gift cards every week so I’m going to click on account overview and right now I have 4700 honey Gold’s on this account I have two of these and you can get honey travel accounts you get all kinds of cool stuff so when I said that you can redeem your points just for using the system will go to redeem and you have earned for Amazon gift cards each Amazon gift card is worth $10 so I could if I wanted right now take 4 Amazon gift cards put in my password I might not remember it let’s see we’ll see if we get these four gift cards free 40 bucks boom so within 24 hours I will have for $10 Amazon gift card to essentially $43 just for using the app inside of my email which is super cool.

The honey plugin thing works most of the time on every site obviously you’re not always going to have a coupon at checkout but if you were in the Amazon checkout we put something in the cart I don’t know if anything that something that had a coupon recently Camco RV vent cover this had a coupon so let me see it still has it these by the way are very hot so there’s another tip and you can almost double your money on these if you sell them on the right location with the right keywords and you know what you’re doing.

let’s check the cart you see right your honey is checking prices this will do this every time you put something in the cart so let’s see if anything comes up a coupon might have expired but if it doesn’t work you get the idea so if you could have 25 to 30 items in your cart and you can get honey checking all your prices and it can come up with coupon code.

So it’s 6 something else in there what’s popular Halloween July August Halloween stuff might be coming on now with some sales trying to get out that early stuff sponsored listings

let’s try something random bestseller let’s try this add it to the cart check our card out honey checking prices it might take a second because I did not restart my browser once I added it to the extension which I suggest you do but I think you get to him it’ll pop up here it might say save 10% and then this one might say click coupon code for a dollar off those are very common you just clip clip and it comes right out of your subtotal let’s go up to the honey app and it’s got a notification here so here’s a deal best deal added so this is on Amazon $30 saving on headphones and it’s just really cool tool to play with.

You should definitely add this free tool to your dropshipping business and just to your personal life so you can save money and make a little money too.

About this little plugin that you may or may not have in your browser and if you do it’s probably because of horrible bull companies like Time magazine saying it’s basically free money, in fact, it’s so good that honey felt to put it on their YouTube page as guess what their header here right okay so here’s a problem you have

YouTube stars that are pushing and pedaling browser plug-in for the most part that you go to these websites you normally buy things Haynes com Amazon hey you know guess what there’s probably a coupon for this place but here’s the problem why do they know we’re at why and how do they know we’re on is this not something that people should be worried or concerned about how does it know where I’m going well tracking right people say they don’t like how Facebook tracks them and things like that but guess what if you’re using honey there’s no difference.

The only thing is honey is collecting where you’re actually going on the web and if you should happen to go to one of the websites they have a coupon for well guess what we have a coupon we’ve been tracking you we know everywhere you go and we’re probably selling that information to places like Facebook who claimed not so long ago Mark Zuckerberg in fact, in an interview said that and I’m paraphrasing we don’t do that anymore and that’s in reference did them buying ad data from other companies who believe them as my wife would say and

I’m saying that as well who believes them not myself and that’s in regards to Facebook no it’s honey goes I don’t know what they sell don’t sell off your information nonetheless you’re building a ton of analytics nonetheless you know it’s not that they go oh it’s just

Don’t think for one minute they’re not recording every website you go to and that probably includes the porn websites you’re going to because guess what porn websites have ads too it’d be nice to know what you’re into and then they could go tell you no well let’s actually not go down that path let’s keep it as close to pg-13 as possible here right so one of the biggest YouTubers right now Mr. Reese let’s see what he says about this plugin I mean he wouldn’t put you in the wrong direction right I mean he’s a YouTube star he must know everything about privacy he must know everything about analytics he must know everything about tracking and he probably knows hey you’re gonna be tracked so this company.

I’m pedaling honey can you know give you a coupon for a dollar or two which guess what they give you this dollar to coupon how much money do you think they’re making quite a bit um but let’s go watch one of these advertisements I mean who knows maybe all want to go download this plugin right now and sell my information and sold to them let’s take honey is a free browser add-on that scans the internet for coupon codes it applies them to your checkout card all you have to do is when you’re checking out on one of these major sites click that little orange button top let’s reverse everybody oh look at the little coin what the happy face in a dollar isn’t that cute a little character that knows I’m at Gamestop store.

It’s basically saying hey guess what I got a coupon for you yeah you deserve this coupon because I’m basically making hundreds and thousands of dollars off of people like you so you know let’s get you to actually buy something otherwise we’re just tracking you and you know we don’t know if you’re actually gonna buy something and plus we’re probably working with GameStop and guess what we’re probably telling GameStop hey we got all these young kids using this why because we have young YouTubers like this who are peddling it out to them.

I don’t know how old you have to be to install this plugin probably 13 or older or parents approval which what parent by definition is not gonna want to save money if they have a kid or in general they’re a human being who doesn’t want to save money that said they’re gonna hear all this GameStop games and we can save money, of course, my kids gonna want to have this plugin and I want him didn’t it to have it or her because that’s good save me money so come on tell us how we’re gonna save some money right now and that’s a lot of games and these games are not cheap by the way.

let’s go along with it come on sell me this product little orange button and it will scan the entire internet and buy disco did you hear that it’s gonna scan the entire internet okay let’s continue codes for you how’d you see right here I’m on Hanes you know I ordered some shirts because wait wait wait guys where did that coupon come from for Game Stop I didn’t see how much he saved did you because if I’m having games that are $45 to $60 a piece what is a $5 coupon, not a damn thing that’s not even the taxes so what did this stupid coupon.

Really do I don’t know but let’s continue  I mean I need to bite 11 pairs of underwear at $5 a pack I’m gonna save a lot of money 11 coupons fell let’s continue as who doesn’t like ordering shirts we saved $11 dude oh oh oh we saved $11 can you believe that okay well I’m spending $55 mm-hmm okay and I’m saving $11 really hmm now this is not probably a random promo code this is most definitely a promotion with honey for sure and I say that because look at this coupon code wardrobe 20 very unique right now it said $20 we didn’t save $20 we saved $11 all right 20% okay but is
What that really means most likely not in that code probably will always remain $20 and you know $20 sounds good that’s a good number it doesn’t say $10 it doesn’t say $11 it’s just $20 and I’m sure that code eventually changes whether it would be 20% who knows but that is a good code easy to remember so even if you didn’t use honey the trade-off is their partner Hanes probably said hey use this code and guess what you’re gonna save $11 how likely are you ever going to save $11 on some underwear shirts pretty not likely.

Honey probably works with these providers and says hey we’ll even put this code on our site or something or promote it and maybe they do maybe they don’t who knows but nonetheless they’re working with them to do something like this right and that’s great but what are you getting in return because that codes not always gonna work and maybe it only worked for this video we should probably see if we could use wardrobe 20 at and see if that even works when this is done but let’s continue on let’s see what else kind of crap we’re gonna buy bullets $55 and after honey it was $44  I clicked once and I’ve saved $11 there’s literally no reason not to install honey it takes two clicks 10 million users.

let’s start with one you don’t know what they’re listening to when you go to websites right and most likely because they’re local they’re seeing the websites you’re going before you ever hit your VPN right they can see in Chrome with being a Chrome out on the websites and things you type into Chrome that means even your little porn sites and that means any site you might be going to my mom or dad something or your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend whatever it is whatever floats your boat here’s the problem they’re monitoring everything you type.

maybe you’re not even shopping but guess what they’re knowing what websites you go to and if you think for one second they’re not tracking who the hell you are and selling that data to other ad companies like Google Facebook and things like that to basically build a profile where someone could build an artificially intelligence model based off of you and like Google do they understand what you might be into what you might buy what you might go to you know that’s why a big misconception with phones is you know that Google and whatnot are basically monitoring you so Google just popped up but the point being is they are so good at what they do they can predict how you think why because they’re always monitoring you always watching they’re able to basically predict that you might need to go buy Hanes underwear.

That’s why you see guess what ads regarding that now there may be other spine going on but a friend of mine who used to work at Google said in there are articles out there so it’s not just you know take it from me they are so clever and so smart with their algorithms they can build you so they know best how to advertise you but you know when you’re watching people on what they type all the time even there’s no ads on the website Google have manager is probably on their site.

I’m guilty much rom-com we use it because we get a grasp of what you’re doing on or say and understand who’s going to age and wide so we know how to build a better product for you I’m guilty of it for sure but we’re not monitoring your everyday usage of what you do what you say where you’re going etc and guess what as a honey add-on they could literally have a keystroke and know your passwords you don’t know what’s really going on.

we do know they know the websites you’re going to even if you have a VPN or proxy if you think for one second they don’t know and can’t access the address bar in chrome as a developer you’re wrong so it doesn’t even have to hit enter and they know where you might have wanted to go but let’s continue let’s see how easy and so simple and why we need this they people use it 100,000 five-star reviews unless you hate money you should install honey unless you hate money did you get that guilt I’m you know what.

I need to go download honey right now I mean why wouldn’t I right I mean this is honey this is free money let’s go to honey app let’s google it even let’s make it even better for Google right let’s do this let’s inspect this page, okay and I’ll tell you what we want to know what’s going on in this site right are they really tracking us what are they doing what are they not doing who knows who knows guys oh wait what is this I mean whoa Google User Content right let’s see if that changes when we go to Google let’s take a look.

Come on load the honey website wait for a second Google ad services but I thought honey just does its own thing double-click Network wait do they have ads on this one check wait where’s the ads where’s the Google ads uh I don’t see Google ads but it’s his paycheck uh-huh analytics Oh so you’re telling me even their website is using Google ads and you think for one minute they’re Chrome add-on is not using any of this data I don’t know if you built a chrome app or used any Google service fee but analytics is a built-in thing that makes it very easy to track people and what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

Guess what you don’t see ads on this page but you see that ad network here why because guess what they’re tracking you too so Google’s tracking you honey is tracking you and they’re working together don’t think for one damn minute there none I mean come on guys look at this oh wait Facebook whoa whoa whoa whoa Facebook how the hell is Facebook get in here where’s Facebook mmm I don’t see Facebook here uh well that’s going to the Facebook website but there’s not even an embed code for this Facebook thing there’s no you know like this on Facebook huh there’s only a login and add honey ha gee guys what’s going on here um oh right they’re using Facebook’s tools for analytics.

Don’t think for one minute that Google Facebook whoever named com is not working together for analytics to bring this mastermind they should provide you and if you think one minute that what is this Marriott Amazon, Pizza Hu,t Expedia is not working together this is probably like a Proctor and Gamble type scam of course they’re gonna give you money to oil money coupons and guess what you think for one minute they’re not all tracking you building a profile about you of course they are and what’s sad is these YouTubers don’t realize that they’re having these young kids and their audience advertised honey.

what the hell does that mean it’s more of that mumbo-jumbo that you’re never gonna understand that said guys take it for what it’s worth I wouldn’t insult us plug-in if my life depended on it to save a couple dollars which appear to be a  hoax and I’m sure if we went through all the Honey browser plugin and seen all these promo codes guess what they’re not gonna work and you know what honey might say well these promo codes are from our partners and then I would say they’re not real and this whole thing is an illusion and you’re being scammed.

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