How To Clear Overgrown Yard Ultimate Guide

You will need to buy, rent or borrow a petrol mower, petrol strimmer, lawn rake and garden waste sacks. please read the guide below carefully.

1.Use the petrol strimmer

Where the grass is extremely high that hasn’t  been cut a long time you can’t just come  in with a lawnmower and expect to mow  this stuff down it takes a technique you  don’t want to start with anything less  than a weed eater get a good strong weed  eater and I’m going to show you how to  use that you might be tempted to go to  Home Depot or somewhere in rent a bush  hog and thinking the bush hog will take  it out it’ll just knock it down it’s  going to be a lot of work this is the  best way to do it let me show you you  want to come in with a flat motion  biting off about three or four inches as  you move to the right and then as you  come back to the left you’re going to  sweep it with at an angle like this and  push your grass out of the way and then  take another bite let me show you  [Music]  and that’s how you do it let me show you  what I’ve done in the front yard and the  front yard is done I know there’s a lot  of work but I tell you if you hired  somebody to do something like that I’ve  paid eight hundred nine hundred dollars  for somebody to cut a yard with that  high of a grass and okay check this out  I’m going to prove my point I’m gonna  here we go watch this  hey would you do me a favor and take a  look at my backyard and tell me how much  it would cost to cut my backyard  yes yeah yes okay okay watch this  so just just to cut all the backyard.

2. Use lawn rake and garden waste sacks

Raking the grass you might think it’s an easy thing to do but there’s a lot more to it you see the rincon parts pretty easy very quickly you can get a huge pile of  grass it’s not the raking part that’s the problem it’s the what do you do with the grass after you rake them that’s the problem okay here’s what I’ve done I’ll share it with you and hopefully you can get some good information out of this so that your leaf raking chores will be easier in the future first thing you need is trash can I have here about 33 gallon plastic trash can get out your drill put in a half-inch spade bit and about eight places around the trash can for in the top and floor on the bottom drill holes you can see I’ve got one here I’ve got another one here I’ve got two holes on the other side here and I’ve got one here and there also down here on the bottom of the can I’ve got one here I’ve got one here a little bit of plastic detritus there and I’ve got them here and here now the reason for these holes is because when it comes to putting bags and trash cans air is your enemy have you ever tried to put a plastic bag into a trash can and you get it in the trash can and all you’ve got in the trash can is a bunch of air with a bag on top of it and you don’t have any room inside the bag to put your stuff this is what we’re going to fix by drilling these holes in this trash can here we’ve got a typical 33 gallon plastic bag I got it from a big-box store I’ve used all kind of plastic bags and I guarantee you it’s better to use the kind that have the drawstring ties get the kind that has the drawstring tiles okay open it up shake it to get the air inside close it so you have a big little plastic balloon take this balloon and put it down inside the trash see I’m holding it at the top because of these holes bag goes all the way down in it lets the air out of the space between the bag and the can that’s all there is to it we now have a can with a bag inside of it to hold our grass the next thing is putting the grass in the bag I’ve got two tips for you on that tip number one use two rakes that’s the best way to do it put one in each arm use them as a clamshell or salad tongs if you want what you see how easy those grass go into the bag and I didn’t even get my hands dirty look at that nice and clean nice and clean now there’s one other thing you’ll probably notice in that can I’ve got about four rake folds of grass and the can is full there’s a lot more room it’s just that the grass are full of air again air is the enemy I’ve got another tool that you might really enjoy having I went into my workshop and I found a piece of plywood the piece of plywood was bigger than the bottom of that can I set the can on the plywood and I traced around it with a pencil then I went around inside that tracing Oh about an inch and a half and made another smaller circle got out my jigsaw and I cut out the disk okay that’s what it is it’s a disc that’s smaller than the inside of the bottom of that trash can the next thing I did was I went to a hardware store this was actually a big box hardware store and I bought two u-shaped cabinet handles I fastened those to the one side of this disc one here and one here I have little pieces of the plywood underneath of it to make the bolt which was really kind of long go through the plywood and into the handle without making the handle loose this had the added benefit of when I put my hand on this handle my knuckles don’t hit the plywood but now I have this disc with two handles on it I then took my half inch spade bit again and on this disc I just drilled a number of holes the number of holes doesn’t matter the key is you want to let the air out remember air is your enemy got to let it out watch what happens when I use this disc inside the trash can it very easily Masha’s the grass down so that now I can put twice as much  grass in that trashcan as I would if I had not mashed them down now I’ve tried mashing these grass down with my hands I have tried mashing the grass down with my foot none of that works as well as this gadget right here build yourself one of these drill holes in your trash can put the plastic bag inside the trash can and you will never have problem with what to do with your grass again when you have your bag about as full as you want it that’s about as heavy as I want it remove your trash bag from the rim of the can grab your twister ties pull them tight pull that down push on the bag again we’re getting rid of the air push it down what tight try not in it once again the holes and the can come to the rescue the bag comes out very easily and that’s all there is to it you.

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3. Use Petrol Mower

To do is go ahead and grab your mower and raise it all the way up to the top level that it’ll go that’s of course assuming that your lawn is at 6 inches like mine so I’m at the top setting that I can get to next I want you to remove your mulch plug we need to go ahead and bag here typically I don’t like to bag I like to recycle the clippings but we just don’t want to take a chance with any clumping now once you’ve gone ahead and put your bag on you got it raised up go ahead and mow just pick any direction now no lawn striping I know you guys love the launch striping I do too but take your lawn striper off this is not the time to be pressing the grass down just pick a direction and go most straight and just suck that stuff up of course you’re going to have to empty the bag and not my favourite thing to do but I do collect my clippings when I do have to bag out towards the back somewhere where I can reuse them as mulch later on so again you’re all going in one direction here for me this is east and west getting her done and then when I’m done you can see here’s where I’m at 4 inches 4 inches so now I’m ready to go back down to my normal cutting height which is about three and a quarter three and a half this time of year also we’re going to go ahead and take the bag off now you can go ahead and mulch now one key to remember here is you want to do this when the weather is cool so if you’re hot in the summer and this is you watching this video then you need to do this mowing here this double mowing in the morning or in the evening for me you can see I’m wearing a jacket just happened to be 53 degrees this day so I’m out in the middle of the day and all good but definitely don’t want to do this double cut like this in the heat of the day so on our second pass we’re going to go the exact opposite way so now I’m going to go north and south and that’s pretty much it taking her down nice and slow nice and easy not damaging the law now this is something that you don’t want to be doing every single week but again then you get caught you get busy whatever and the lawn is overgrown on you this is the way to do it so you can see now here we are three and a half inches right about where I want to be this time of year and everything looks good now the cut is not the cleanest okay now my lawn is super thick extremely thick probably the thickest lawn but either way you can see it the cut is just it’s not the best but it’s the best we can do when the lawns gotten overgrown so that’s how you do it step or down nice and slow and easy.

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