How To Do The Cowgirl Sex Position Perfect

I started my research for this post by asking my girlfriends iv they like the cowgirl sex position here are some of the response I got. Well I think it’s probably the best position if you wish to reach orgasm no yes we do horribly yeah of course that’s why I feel yes girls like being on topic so yeah of course they do really what why do you like it because.

you want to be in charge yeah I guess so yeah what heard about it do you know anyone who likes on top well I wouldn’t give name but yeah do you think that girls like being on top because they feel like they have more control could that be like a reason yeah I guess so I think you have to be really into the guy if you’re underneath I think if you’re on top.

you’re in control you can definitely guarantee an orgasm useful tip so you can you can stimulate yourself in your talk yeah absolutely yes 100% yeah you can use hands and you can kind of really get into their whole experience yeah why control definitely well why is that I don’t know it’s just like a very nice position it’s a very comfortable position yeah do.

you feel like you’re the you’re the writer you’re in control how long would you spend there like typically I don’t know it depends yeah assuming that your horse was very good very strong like would you stay there for like 10-15 minutes yeah I just like them taking control you like for them to take the initiative yeah and is that like 100% of the time or 90%.

of the time 75% of the time hello it’s good it makes you feel important right what do you have against being below I don’t have anything gets below I like below and I don’t mind it depends what that is okay what it what about on like a Sunday morning no might be like Saturday night when you got a couple of drinks depends on the personality as it goes to I.

think but if you’re quite dominant and you like to take control then yeah you like to be on top I think a little bit because most of the time the guys are like one that in charge so kind of sometimes nice to like be in charge once in a while they like together sure that drunk and confident I am if you’re less drunk than you to stay below what if what if it.

was good luck your long-term partner someone that you know you knew really well like you trusted do regularly because if you don’t if you don’t do it regularly then clearly your muscles aren’t actually working properly so just eight yeah it’s more difficult for a girl to be on top and so guys should go on top you need to be well practice you need to be well.

practice definitely girl fucking love to ride dick are you kidding me remove yeah do that not a thing here well what is it about like is it like the facts are being dominant or like the freedom like. What is it that is that you think girls enjoy about it the change I guess like you got to change it up I guess a little bit about being dominant but not the.

whole time so you need to change it up that would be my answer if you got the ties got the quad spend your nights on top down what it okay what if you don’t have the thighs the quads like then get yourself down to the gym and work on it because otherwise be physically needs to have strength to actually do it if it’s very difficult for men what about like.

would you not consider that other position is like being below or from the side you have a little mixture spice up your life you know how far would you go well I think it’s important that you kind of pace yourself and I think sometimes slow and deep and then you kind of get faster to deep penetration absolutely it’s very important and then you can speed up.

you can be in control of the pace you have to be lucky enough to know that depends like it changes it varies how you feel may be good from the inline that’s going to help me along okay so you get to guide you yeah well it depends how much you like him really if you if you want to satisfy yourself then like you do it with normal speed that you like if you.

like him then you’ll do what he wants but yeah really depends you got to change that up to you can’t have like the same can fit Cynthia that’s lame hi guys so we’ve done the interviews and as you can see most girls actually like you on top so guys if there’s a topic that you really want me to ask the ladies then don’t be shy and feel free to leave your.

comment below arrives hiya SIA I have just discovered you and would like to know if you have any tips for a lust like me that is super uncomfortable about being on top how do you move past that Angela firstly let me say thank you so much for asking this question I know it’s one that so many women are going to be able to relate to being on top can be super.

anxiety provoking you’re worried about how you look whether you doing it right what he’s thinking it can make sex less enjoyable for both of you having you on top is such a great treat for a guy you’ll get to see you which he will love and he has to do less of the work for a change and you also get to be a little more in control which means maximum pleasure.

for each of you so here’s a few tips to help you enjoy being on top mostly you’ve really got to feel good naked so learn to love your body remember that you are beautiful and anyone who is worthy of your love will love you exactly as you are right now there is nothing more sexy than someone who loves their body and feels confident in it so focus on the parts.

of your body that you do like and forget about the things you don’t the more you look the things you like the more that you’ll find and gradually you will build your body confidence becoming even sexier you can also buy some new lingerie it’s guaranteed to make you feel like the sexy goddess that you and your partner is going to love it although he’ll.

probably want to put off you right away it can help you feel a little more confident by keeping you covered for longer you can also start with the lights off if you need to or try candles or low lighting candle light is incredibly flattering and incredibly romantic so it’s a great place to start you can also get used to being on top by leaning over and.

kissing your partner being on top doesn’t mean that you have to be on show start slowly and allow yourself to gradually build confidence you can also try putting a blindfold on your man the first time if you’re not feeling comfortable about him seeing you and you can make that really fun and sexy and take it off him later on when you are feeling a little.

more comfortable now if you’re worried about the right way to move which I know a lot of you will be just move in a way that feels good for you ports kind of gives us the impression that we’re supposed to be acrobats or super flexible or bouncing up and top making a whole lot of noise and it’s just not true there is no bigger turn-on for a guy than watching.

a woman enjoy herself sexually especially if he thinks he can take some of the credit so move in a way that feels good for you focus on enjoying yourself rather than what he’s thinking he will be loving it anyway I promise um if you have the confidence you might also like to add in a vibrator and stimulate your clitoris warrior on top are you be so turned on.

and enjoying yourself that you won’t even care what he’s thinking anymore so there you have an Angela my top tips for being on top thank you so much for sending in your question and thank you all so much for watching if you’d like more great advice on improving your sex life and relationship I the horny woman on top sex positions excites the imagination as.

well as the man’s eye no matter in what position she remains be it being on top of his penis or covers him by the entire body or she is face to face with her male partner allowing him to kiss her lips or stimulate the clitoris a woman on top looks impressive remember to please comment on this post and share it with your girlfriends. Cowgirl surrender to the.

feelings feel the rhythm don’t try to control yourself as that’s unreal the man lies down comfortably and the woman sits on him and takes the wheel in cowgirl position woman is the one to write the rules she sets the speed and tempo and the man just helps her by moving his hips to penetrate deeper and feel the pleasure with renewed vigoro number 5 watering.

can this position allows you to dissolve in your male partner inhale the centre of his body feel his desire savour the pleasure of sex and feel the delight by every cell the man lies on his back slightly bending the legs and lifting them the woman lies on the male partner facing his face she sits on the penis opens her legs on the sides of the man and bent.

at the knees she stretches her hands on either side of her male partner for support number 4 reverse cowgirl sex is a perfect excuse to rip the mass and show your real face to realize the most depraved desires which have been long hovering in your mind the man lies on his back legs are straight slightly driven apart the head is raised the woman sits on top.

of the male partner back to him her legs are bent in knees and feet are stretched out along the body of the male partner before we check out the other three men on top sex positions that will have your woman moon with pleasure remember to hit the please comment on this post and share it with your girlfriends also like and share this post number three angel.

riding what a pleasure its touch of the hands of your beloved it is even more pleasant to feel them on your body and a piece of your loved one in yourself it is true bliss when you know that someone is dreaming about you the man sits down with legs slightly driven apart the woman sits on his penis and her hands are on his shoulders for leverage number two I.

screamed making love the partners always enjoy not only physically but also Mauro and all the pressing matters just melt and fade into the background the man sits on his legs and his back is straight the woman sits on the partner eyes on a chair her legs are bent and opened apart so that the man his knees are between them number 1/2 sit you seem to be.

absorbed by each other the world has stopped and you can hear only sound of the heart excited breath that sounds interrupting yours the man sits down his legs are bent at the knees and are wide apart his hands are laid back he raises his body keeping it on feet and hands the woman sits on his hips skewing herself on his penis from top she touches the floor.

with her feet cleaning on them she puts her hands on his shoulders for support so which one deserves to be number one and how would you have arranged the list let us know in the comments below remember to hit the please comment on this post and share it with your girlfriends like and share this post click that Bell icon to be the first one to be notified.

when we put up our latest sex positions post check out these other posts also first half I showed you the basic movement you know we got a tuck and roll your booty and bounce your booty by leveraging your weight on your legs well I’m going to show you what it looks like on apartment now thing is he’s lying here and he’s lying here pretty flat and for most of.

you it’s difficult to ride in this way because he’s so linear so one thing you can do you going to have him so if this pelvis up like this and straddle him this way which makes it a lot easier to ride or you can take some pillows you can take one I know right and put it underneath his pelvis so I want to show you the technique with the pillow so wouldn’t you.

rather your partner listen if you put you on top in them don’t get on all timid like if anything else you want to jump up there like you know what you doing so you straddle him you look him in the eyes you got to give some direct eye contact so he knows you mean business now you can either place your hands on his chest but you’re going to be like supporting.

your weight so if he’s a smaller guy like I’m scared. I’m going to like break his chest I think so if it’s a smaller guy in mind I’m going to put your hands here you can put them on his shoulders or you can just put them like right underneath his armpits or over his shoulder but you want to lean yourself forward alright and when you lead yourself forward.

in this way it already puts you at a great angle so when you’re leaned forward you’ve inserted a penis right in the right position and you can just start first by like rocking back and forth so that way you get you know you put them in like the right position because sometimes like when the penis is inside the vagina it can like move into certain pockets.

that don’t feel right so you can just kind of like move back and forth to make sure he’s in the right position and then you just go into the stroke so you see how I’m like tucking and rolling my hips and he can he can actually meet your movements too like he can bring his pelvis up and when he brings his pelvis up you meet him with a Down stroke and so it’s.

kind of like you know when you’re at a party and you’re grinding on a dude it’s the same way and but really in this position you’re in control so typically a dude just on my way back and he going to be like yeah it’s time for me I’m not to put in any work because look this man has been like pumping and pumping and pumping for so many strokes it’s not going.

to lay back and you do your thing so you just want to bounce your booty or you want to roll your booty like this and see I’m not moving my whole body you see like if I move my whole bite he is going to be like what the fuck get off of me see like okay what’s the most common mistake women make when they’re on top in your experience is just a stuff they using.

a whole body like you said it’s done isolate me help so you got to make sure that your legs are developed if you cannot bounce your booty like this if you can’t roll your booty like this it’s time for you to learn some hip isolations ladies so when you’re on top make sure that you lean forward make sure that you can feel his penis sliding in and out of you.

and if you want to you can actually getting some Asian cowgirl don’t ask me why they call it Asian but you just put your feet flat little bit and so then you’re going to be you’re going to be hovering over your partner and you can bounce this way or you can grind this way and this is kind of easier especially for girls with like thicker thighs because anyway.

so you can sit you can do like this or you can reverse it Oh Wendy so if you reverse it it’s the same thing like you don’t want you want to make sure that you’re always leaning forward and then this is good for dudes that like booty because then the booties in his face in sometimes you know I liked work with it but you can’t work and the way to like you no.

shimmy yourself down on his penis and then you just grind like this or you bounce like this see what I mean so those are the basic movements and honestly I got to tell you if you don’t practice this never going to get it right so you’ve got to make sure you practice you got to make sure you’re doing the stretches next post I will show you some stretches you.

can do early in the morning like right when you wake up or at night flavour big you can see I’m kind of windy because it really is a workout like be prepared to sweat if you don’t like the smells and the textures of sex as far as sex weight is concerned cowgirl position is not for you may as well just lay on your back or the other side of being doggy style.

so that’s how to ride on top if you have any questions comments or concerns. I’m going to be going on a little tour to show you guys how to do this in person so when you see me in your city and I’m in a class be prepared come dressed loosely so you can move your body that’s it.

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