How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Get You A Job

How to write a cover letter for an internship

Anybody applying for any job is to have like tons of people double-check your resume and cover letter tons like every time

apply for a job

send my resumes and cover letters to my parents to my like any of my family members

send them to friends to have them look over because you don’t want any spelling errors at all and honestly if you submit to another person they might have advice on how you can make your resume or cover letter better on besides this video but they might happen twice for you too so please if you’re applying for any job just send it to a bunch of people get their advice also if you are still in school and your school has a Career Centre use that Career Centre

know when was applying for my professional internship had my resume all written out had my club cover letters alright now for each of the jobs are was applying to and went to my Career Centre and was like here please just look over my resumes and cover letters and they did and they gave me some advice which i’m going to include this video because it helps me to this day but yes visit a Career Centre if your school has it if not just you know ask anybody around if you are doing an internship right now somewhere else and you’re applying somewhere for a different job ask your boss see you like hey

I’m applying for this job can you please look over my resume and cover letter give me any advice that you have and

I’m sure that they will help you now on to resumes

I’m going to start with resumes first things first is that your resume is always changing always always changing

work on my resume at least once a month even if

I’m in the same role

I’m doing different projects and doing different tasks that

can update my resume and make it look better because you know

I’m a better person

was three months ago in my role so how haven’t been efficient in my role from three months ago so your resumes are always always changing and you got to keep up with that so

would work on your resume as often as possible just to keep it fresh so when an application or a job that you see opens up that you have an up-to-date resume and that you don’t have to scramble last minute to make it look nice because you’ve been working on it so make sure you always keep your resume up to date because it does change now with resumes something that

don’t like to see in mine

don’t like rightness


Make sure that the entire page is filled with words have as much black print as possible on the page instead of having like a bunch of white on the sides and above

try to fill my entire resume with information even if you only have a few jobs just do a bunch of bullet points what have you done in that job list them and your bullet points please don’t make them like one word or two words kind of fill up you know this space on the page show numbers that’s the strongest thing

can like say that anybody show numbers show your efficiency how many people did your project reach use that number by what percentage of growth does the company have for your project had or if you in an event in your job how many people attended your event there’s a number so numbers are very important when it comes to resumes another important thing is to make sure that you start off each of your bullet points with a Burke created design lead worked vert there you go there’s some right there but make sure that you do not use the same verb more than once so if you use created one time like even if it’s a different job do not use the word creating again if you used worked when time is a verb do not use it again on your entire resume try to think of a different verbs for each bullet point

think doing that as more detail and diversity into your resume instead of saying worked this worked this work this worked this work this work this work this work this also feel free to not only you know include your internship job experience but also include volunteer experience how do you volunteer not events have you volunteered at a shelter or anywhere that you volunteer it is important so if you have space on your resume feel free to put that on there because it does show a lot and now with the education experience way to put your education piece now when

applied for a professional internship

had my education at the very top

was still in school and put my work experience below that but

think that six months after you graduate the education should go under the work experience like

said that’s just my opinion but

think that you know while you’re sewing school show you know

‘m out so much so a major put that at the top and then you work experience you don’t have to do that

know my resume right now

have work experience above education and well that’s pretty much all

have about resumes there’s not much to say because everywhere resume is different people have different jobs

know my jobs are definitely different than your jobs and so try to make it more customized to you and your experience now on to cover letters which cover letters are easier said than done  know it really is but Kappa letters are son a huge part of job applications and please please please please do a cover letter for every job that’s a question

get asked a lot do

have to do a cover letter like you might not have to they might not look at a cover letter but honestly you know somebody else that had a cover letter and you don’t have a cover letter they might get the job ahead of you because you didn’t do a cover letter so always do a cover letter no matter what even if the job does not ask for it now the length of the capital letter can vary between people this really knows that length it could be as short as you want it could be as long as you want sometimes it could be like almost like you’re writing an email like it’s just very different however you would like to do it but the first thing in your cover letter do not write

want Sutton Chuck’s job where

Applying for such a chef’s job don’t just start off with BAM

want this job kind of like a almost like a storyteller why are you interested and then say the job so find a connection that’s the biggest thing

like to say

Big storyteller and

think covering letters should tell a story on a for example when

was applying for Disney sports

competed at the ESPN Motorsports as a cheerleader and so that was my connection

was able to be like hey you know

competed at ESPN sports it was one of the best experiences in my life

still remember that to this day which is why

am interested in this internship so that’s kind of how it wheels my way into it

didn’t just say

want this internship with Disney Sports

kind of like story told my way into that so whatever position you are applying for just try to find a connection with the company or a connection in that specific role in that company anything that you can kind of kind of think of it’s all up to you find a way to make it a story now the second part of cover letters

think it’s important to explain why you were qualified for it and don’t write like a whole page full of

qualified for this this because

had this job they have your resume so they know what jobs you’ve done before show your efficiency this

mean you do that in the resume but

think it’s very important to do that in a cover letter and to show

have these skills which

had during this job for example so

came up with this technique

call it the five-star cover letter where

imagine a stern each of the points has a different thing let me explain so the first point the very top

had this position second point

was challenged and tasked with blank or

had blank project the third bullet is what did

do to complete that task to complete that challenge to complete that project that’s what their task the fourth task is how did you do it not what did you do but how did you do it using what skills or anything how did you do it and the fifth point is what was the outcome what happened because of what you did to complete that challenge for example

wrote down a sample this is imagine me applying for a social media position

don’t know video position who knows this is a really good example but it might make sense also the points doesn’t have to be in order it doesn’t this is example it’s not an order so for example while working with the Today Show’s company for number one

was tasked with making YouTube videos that would be unique and innovative that’s the second point using my video okapi skills and movie editing software that’s actually the fourth point

was able to create a new channel brand that would be seen by over 600,000 subscribers does that make sense the points doesn’t have to be in order but my five star cover letter technique is to be what position you had what challenge you had what did you do how did you do it and what was the effect for our outcome that challenge that you had that you did that you overcame that’s like a sentence or two and you could do that with one job you can do that with a two chopped don’t do them with every single job in your cover letter but

think it’s a really cool technique and it does show efficiency and the jobs that you’ve had and lastly just end your cover letter with your email your phone number and just to say that your resume is attached very simple and Kemba letters a lot of people get scared to do them they’re afraid how do

make my cover letter stand out from the rest and

honestly think the storytelling will um how you connect with that position that is what’s gonna help you stand out said it’s gonna be different for every single person because everyone’s gonna have a different connection to it but what is your connection to that position so that’s pretty much all the advice have really hope this helped.

Graduate cover letter examples

Cover letter format

I would use PDF format to send your cover letter.

Cover letter template


Full Postal Address to be included here


Mobile:Include your mobile telephone number here
Email:Include your email address  – make sure it sounds professional





(Insert the name and address of the company you are applying to)




GENERIC (or speculative letter is one which you would send out to a company that you want to work for but that isn’t necessarily advertising)

TAILORED (this is one which you would send out in response to a specific job advert.  As a Graduate, you are more than likely looking for placements that will provide you with the valuable working experience you need to complement your studies)




Dear Sirs / Madam


VACANCIES (you need to insert the name of the scheme you are applying for or, alternatively, the vacancy)


I’m writing in response to your recently advertised position for a [role title]. I am very interested in this opportunity with [company] and believe that my qualifications, education and professional experience would make me a strong candidate for the position.


I am a [insert personal characteristics] professional who [add more information on how you can add value to future company]. (You can insert short version of your career profile here).


Enclosed is my resume that more fully details my background and work experience, and how they relate to your position. As you can see, [pick out a few key details or experiences that align with the specific requirements of the advertised role].


I firmly believe that I can be a valuable asset to your team. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this position and how my experience could help [insert name of company] achieve its goals.


You need to let the reader know in the first sentence what you are all about i.e. “I am writing to outline my excellent academic background and the skills, knowledge and experience I have gained as a result.  I believe that these will make me the ideal candidate for….”


“As you will note from my enclosed CV……” As you are a Graduate, the main focus should be your education, so let them know what your degree is, what modules you have covered and any research projects you have undertaken and dissertation etc.


The next paragraph is a great place to put what other experience you have gained, whether this is related to your degree or not.  So, for example, any part time work you have had, Saturday jobs and even any voluntary experience.  You can then expand on what transferable skills you have gained as a result of this experience.


Try and keep it to one page.


Finish it off with something like: “I am now looking to secure a challenging and rewarding role and I believe that these skills, together with my knowledge and expertise, would make me an asset within your organisation; please do not hesitate to call me on (include your telephone number) so we can discuss in greater depth.



Yours faithfully,




Put your full name here


enc.:     CV

Cover letter with experience

when it comes further down the sifting process maybe they’ve got to interview slots left and 5 candidates that they’ve shortlisted at that stage they will absolutely go to the cover letter and use that to help make their decision so make it count.

So the first step is making it personal okay I don’t want you to send a cover letter out that says dear sir dear madam to who it may concern.

dear hiring manager you need to find out the person’s name okay we have social. media we have LinkedIn we have Google. though the company probably has a website with a news page with an about section find out even if you have to pick up the phone speak to the receptionist

She might not give you the name however just be aware some companies have no name policies but just do your absolute best to find out the name of the hiring manager so step two is firstly tell them what.

job you’re applying for because lots of companies will be recruiting more than one vacancy and I noticed that people do this all the time when they send me applications so just make it really clear what position you’re applying for but tell them why you pick them okay don’t start talking about how abulous you are how relevant you are this is where a lot of job seekers go wrong in my opinion.

if you want an employer to feel interested in you really give you the time of day you need to make them feel like you are genuinely interested in them you know like when you just meet a mutual friend in a bar or something get introduced to somebody and that person just talks to you about themselves constantly how’d you feel you probably just want to get away from them.

Quickly as possible you probably feel quite negative towards they might make an excuse and nip to the toilet or go and get a drink or something all my phone’s ringing you know in that social circumstances that’s how we feel as human beings okay that’s often that our first way to feel about somebody like that now your CV is exactly the same.

okay you’re building rapport you’re building a relationship with somebody over a piece of paper and often the same behaviors and the same feelings and can be associated with that as well so tell them firstly why them don’t make an employer feel like you’ve just sent out.

employee send application to a hundreds people hoping something sticks even if you are doing that and I’ve got lots of friends and family that are out of work at the moment I know it’s tough out there but still go to the effort of making that person feel like they are the only person at the moment.

that you want to work for that’s not the case they probably know that’s not the case but yeah make them feel special and don’t do it by telling them that they they seem like a professional company or they seem like an exciting company don’t be using buzzwords like that everybody can see.

Through that give them a real reason go on their website we’ve been news pages did they do do they do the race for life every year do they do they get involved with Teenage Cancer Trust is that their  national charities do you have a relationship with that charity pick something what would the three directors.

what was their background did they all start as graduates and build build the business from nothing tell them about something and a real emotional attachment you with them okay don’t just say you’ve been going since 1985 and you seem like a really reputable secure business anything like that I mean everyone can.

Read a website okay pick something real and really genuine if you want to make an impact okay really make them feel special okay so now you told them why you’ve picked them and you flattered them.

You’ve got them interested in you you’ve got them on your side now you need to tell them why they should pick you okay and this is really really important go back to work but go back to your personal brand look at the attributes that you said you wanted to promote about yourself the things that you.

Wanted employers to perceive you as and tell them about this do that while you’re looking at the job description pick the top three two or three things of that job description and tell them how you can add value to the business don’t tell them you will add value to the business.

Tell them how give them examples and if you want to just throw in a little Sneaky line from another great reference you’ve got to back all of that up feel free at this stage you need to show them how much you want it okay we all want to work with people that we feel want to be there okay.

now even if you’re using your language just change your language a little bit it might even be something as simple as I would like the opportunity to discuss this application use the word love instead of like I would love the opportunity love is often emerged what was a much more emotive words

will often open a lot more doors sitting if you in sales

you’re trying to get a meeting with somebody love is a much more powerful word than like but however you have to find language that you feel really comfortable with maybe you’ll say something like given the opportunity I would live

breathe this role really make that person feel that goodness this person really wants it the amount of times I’ve heard back from people that have said you know I’ve said you weren’t successful unfortunate my client didn’t pick you

they might say oh I’m really disappointed

I sometimes think really because your cover letter didn’t suggest to me that you would be disappointed didn’t even feel like you were really that bothered so if you really want it tell them how much you really want it.

Just to finish your CV this is a little story deck entire year was a couple of years because put about five years ago a gentleman applied to a job.

I was advertising at the end of his curve let it was a pretty good cover letter but the end of his cover letter he said I would just like to wish you all the best of this piece of recruitments something like that I think it might even have said so it was a years ago I can’t remember the exact words but maybe it said something like em I know recruiting is quite a stressful time.

I really hope it’s going as well as you’d hoped certain like that I was like wow that is amazing he doesn’t even know me he’s thinking about me he’s applying for the job yeah he’s thinking about me my feelings it blew my mind really

I just thought well we all want to hire people that make our lives easier that are a pleasure to be around people that are considerate that one line told me more about him his character what he would be like if he was part of my team than almost anything else in his application so want it make them feel special and make. sure that you remember to cut and paste it into the body of the email so they’re almost forced to read it rather than just an attachment

How to end a cover letter

Close the cover letter politely. When you’ve stated your request and provided all the necessary information the recipient may need, then close on a polite note. Thank the recipient for considering your request, and say that you look forward to hearing back. Then end with a proper salutation like “Sincerely.”.

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