VineLady Now Accepts Guest Posts!


    VineLady now accepts guest posts from fellow bloggers, especially (but not necessarily) if you can offer me the same opportunity on your blog.

    Guidelines for Guest Posting on VineLady

    I do not pay nor charge to publish guest posts on

    I do need to maintain a certain standard when it comes to what’s published on Vinelady. Here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind in order for me to accept your submission:

    The content needs to be well-written and grammatically correct.
    Photos need to be of good quality and either original or royalty-free. (If you don’t have any, I can add some.)
    Content needs to be 100% original, not published even on your own blog. By submitting your post, you also agree not to publish it anywhere in the future.
    Topics need to be related to women
    Format your posts properly – use subheadings, not too long paragraphs and sentences etc.
    Your posts cannot contain affiliate links or links that lead to landing pages.
    No more than 2 in-text links and only add links that are relevant to the post. (I would add your short bio at the bottom of the article, where you can include 1 direct link to your website’s homepage.)
    No less than 1000 words.
    Please avoid submitting content that is too similar to the posts already published on BeSpotted.
    Please avoid submitting content that provides little value to our readers.
    You can submit tell me a bit about your idea for the guest post.

    You can Guest guest on Vine Lady's by clicking register

    Post Policy By submitting a guest post, you grant us irrevocable rights to publish your submitted content on for as long as we want to. The content will only be published under your name and all credits would go to you. We may also use the guest post in promotional purposes (primarily on social media). If we decide to accept your submission, we will be free to edit it to better fit our blog. This may include changing the title and linking internally to our own site. We may also send you a feedback so that you can edit it yourself before it is accepted. We retain the right to decline any submission without specifying the reason. We retain the right to remove any content of vinelady website without any notice. Some of the reasons why your guest post may be declined are: poor content, not following our guidelines, profanity, offensive content and discrimination, links that lead to websites that are not family friendly, content that is not original etc. What I need from you: If I decide to accept your submission and publish your post on VineLady here’s what I will ask you to provide: Your short bio (you can include 1 link to your website’s homepage); Your guest post should be in Word format. All images (if you have any) should be in .jpg or .jpeg format.

    Guest Post Privacy Policy

    If you submit a guest post to me, I store your name, email and any other data you provide me with. I do so in case I need to get in touch with you sometimes in the future. I do not use your details for marketing purposes.

    You have the right at any time to request from me to delete your personal data and/or to anonymize the guest post you have submitted. However, I retain the right to keep the content itself published on and use it in promotional purposes.