Top 30 Anime Every Fan Needs to Watch Now

So in recent times I’ve seen the rise of top anime list that detailed the anime that many people would recommend anime fans to watch but I have yet to see anything close representing more anime fans actually end up watching so if you yourself want to be considered a well-rounded respect for anime fan all those other lists telling you what you need to see this is the actual top-20 anime every anime fan needs to watch or like you’re probably not a real anime fan.

How Anime Is Made

Have you ever wondered how anime is made well today? We’re going to take a behind-the-scenes look at some of your favorite animation studios and see how this whole [process] is done, from scratch It all starts off with a script the script is produced by the artist who developed the original [Manga] himself and after a lengthy review process by the director it gets greenlit and goes into production next we have a storyboard these storyboards include drawing movements panning of the camera, and the length of each shot next we have layouts for the actual scenery [and]Landscapes that take place first they’re drawn on paper and it is reviewed should we have a tree here should we have a building here? And then actually once it is finalized goes to a landscape department where they used to hand paint them they don’t do it so much any more.

Now it has turned into a lot of digital landscapes, but think old-school Dragonball that’s all hand painted landscapes and backgrounds, and thank new age one-punch man. It is all digital backgrounds now however sometimes they still do paint in Regular acrylics but typically don’t they’ll only do that in a scenario where it’s faster or better for some particular [reason]But primarily now. It’s all digitized because you have all your tools right at hand. It’s faster cleaner.

cheaper next we have key animation now what key animators do is they draw the first frame the middle frame and the last frame typically of animation so basically if one guy of guy a was going to kick guy BHe’d have him standing there. He’d have middle the kick and then he has the kick impacting the guy after the key animation is done for every frame. It’ll go over to the [in-between] animators here’s something you might find interesting when the key animators are drawing they have to use references so that they get everything correct nowHere’s an example of a key animator using a mirror so that he can look at his hand in order to draw the hand proportionally and correctly after.

The key animators are done it goes over to the in-between animators who make sure that that animation is a solid fluid movement by tracking the three pictures that they were given or more and basically drawing the frames in between those in order to give it that motion key animators usually are more amateur. They’re less expensive a lot of timesThey’re brought in from Korea over in Japan and that’s part of the reason that Dragon Ball Super episode 5? Didn’t look great in a lot of those scenes is because it was done by less experienced animators who were brought in to do the heavy [lifting] on those [in-between]?

Fluid movement animations now what you have to understand is that in animation? just a TV series a 30-minute episode can have as many as 1,500 Redrawn pictures in that single episode after all the animations are complete it goes over to compositing now compositing is a slew of different departments but primarily it is the coloring studio the shading and this is where they put in and fill all [of] the lines of the animations that have been created [with] the correct colors.

Now a lot of these companies have entire Departments just for the coloring because it is so time-consuming each of these artists will be given a correct palette of colors to use to ensure [that] all characters keep and [Maintain] their level and quality of colors throughout the entire animation nowsometimesthey’ll be in a cave or [in] a building where there’s not as much light and they’ll be given a different color palette for the darker shades and that’s why sometimes you’ll see characters having different shades of color Whether it’s their clothes or their skin the final stage of production effects the effects department will take the fully drawn animation fully colored with landscapes and everything, but basically the rest of the departments are done at this point and now we’ll start adding effects whether it’s lightning glows or as shading blursThey’ll add various effects to ensure that that animation looks amazing.

Glints on swords more things than you probably even know a lot of blurs for certain scenes so that it gives it more of a speed motion there are so many things that the effects department does in the end that really add [to] the stellar quality of an animation and add those effects that make you love those key moments in that anime finally we go to post production which is editing so that the anime the 30 minute cartoon is exactly the amount of broadcast time meaning they may have to cut some pieces out and we do the voiceovers are probably one of the more on stages in this entire process you guys probably knew that the voice of Goku is voiced by a woman walking [Sudhana], or underneath it feels old but did you know that the voice of naruto was – oh see what after dinner? You go get a shell company to understand [company].

Top 30 Anime Every Fan Needs to Watch Now

fresh in my mind. A Place Further than the Universe is a show that seems to top most people’s list for best of year, at least from many who I’ve talked to and for good reason! It’s entirely wholesome, if in some ways grim take about a group of girls doing their best to somehow, someway make it to the cold reaches of Antarctica. Their tale of friendship is what makes the series memorable, their hardships, the challenges, and what they end up doing to overcome it all makes it a stand out series from the year. It is a show that legitimately looked at all of the challenges of placing our cast into Antarctica and did it’s best to realistically explain the possible ways for them to get there and what that experience might be like. Pretty much every series I talk about in this video today is worth watching but this one, in particular, is worth a gander. I’m deeply saddened that this show was not longer then it was because it really deserved to be two cour, but hey what can you do.

Comic Girls. This is one I regret not talking about when it came out, mostly because no one seemed to do so and it deserved a lot of love. It follows a young 15 year old manga creator, struggling with her art and what she wants to do with it. To help, her editor suggests she move into an all-female manga artist dormitory, and the fellow artists she meets there and lives with try to help her to discover her own voice and artistic style. This is a series with a well balanced mix of what all these artists of different genres face in both their lives and careers, and it really does drive home that making this kind of entertainment is not an easy thing.

Though sometimes the show made me scratch my head when it tried to portray just how bad Moeta had gotten with her art, bad enough I had to seriously question how she got published in the first place. But her artistic anxiety about her work was on a fully relatable level. So for someone who really does take pleasure in watching these lesser-known slices of life shows, it hit it out of the park with me. Apparently people in Missouri might agree.

This one feels weird for me to put on this list because I first watched it in the summer of 2017 when they premiered its first episode at AX, but ever since that time Violet Evergardenhas enraptured my attention with its outstanding animation from Kyoto Ani, beautiful soundtrack by Evan Call, and breathtaking storytelling that has had me wanting more ever since the series stopped airing. Evergarden takes a new stab at the kind of character archetype made popular by Evangelion and Rei Ayanami all those years ago and makes this new characterViolet both one of the most human with her emotions, and the most machine with her handstand skills.

The way that this show was able to weave its episodic narratives each week was a delight to watch, and it also contains one of the best single episodes of the year, able to be watched and enjoyed with very little prep as it’s not connected to Evergarden’smain storyline. There have been rumors floating around for a while about a potential second season, and considering how much Kyoto Ani put into this series I’d like to hope that it will eventually come out for us, but until then well, I’ll just have to watch it, again and again. Hinamatsuri is another series I regret sleeping on as far as making a video for it, because from its season it was one of the shows I watched religiously every day a new episode came out.

It’s about this alien like a girl with superpowers named Hina who crash-lands into the apartment of a leading Yakuza member: Nitta. Nitta, fearing for his prized antique collections and other valuables that Hina threatens to break, as well as seeing her usefulness in his job, begrudgingly takes her in. But that doesn’t really explain what the show is about, just how it started. Nitta is not the kind of guy you think about when the term Yakuza pops up, nor is anyone he works with.

We assume shady stuff is probably happening behind the scenes but the show doesn’t focus on that. Instead, it shows a very irregular family and combines that with some of the most absurd humor of the year. This was a series that was both heartwarming and hilarious, with most of its cast deserving of their own show or at least arc. Seriously can we get an Anzu spinoff? I'd love that, thanks much.Oh, what a beautiful mess Franxx was. Despite that, I can’t hate it.

I love too much of it to join the numerous amounts of people who bemoan this shows existence and what it did during its run. Yes, Franxx has a lot of problems, mostly involving its final Arcand for some people the middle bit, getting so enraged that some people threatened the animators over it. But personally, I only found the shows ending to be rather lackluster until the last final moments. If I was to ignore those last few episodes the series would be much more memorable for me, hell I’d have it as a best of year contender but even thoughI’m not going to go that far because of the show’s problems, it's takes on puberty and physical slash emotional development of characters was extremely well done.

All wrapped up in some stellar action scenes to make the series a definite highlight of the year, even if not everyone enjoyed it as much as I apparently did. Megalobox is a few things, it’s the holder of arguably the best soundtrack of the year, depending on your tastes, I know Evergarden comes close, but hey this is a damn good contender.and for oldtaku like myself it's a worthy successor to the 1970’s anime Ashita no Joe. Megaloboxtakes the old tried and true formula of a boxer down on his luck and combines with stylistic choices reminiscent of Samurai Champloo and Redline to create this stunning wonder that is visually impactful.

The narrative is not the reason why you watch this show, as it’s not really all that groundbreaking in and of itself, but oh man can it lean into it's own hype. Just have our Man joegear up for any bout and UMMMMMM YES you got yourself some quality entertainment here. You don’t even really need to know jack about Ashita no Joe to get into this series which is great because accessibility could have been a big problem with it. But in the end, it’s a sports anime, and your own enjoyment will largely depend on how excited for the sport this series can make you. For me, it did a stellar job, but it might not be for everyoneAhhhhhhh Yuru Camp. This one caught me by surprise when I first started watching it. I turned it on once because it was supposed to be the cute new slice of life of the season so I sat down enjoying my lunch of cup noodles and began to watch.

Only for the episode to proceed with the characters themselves having cup noodles. I never before felt like an Anime was specifically catering to me personally more than I did at that moment. But Laid Back camp is not a series with some grand plan, the girls were not trying to better themselves at manga like with Comic Girls, nor were they on an expedition to the Antarctic. This series was just like HEY, WE LIKE CAMPING. JOIN US WOULDYA? And so we did. Few shows pull off the ability to pull off so much with so little. All of the girls are unique enough not to feel trite and overused, but not so out there to feel unrelatable or heaven forbid, uninteresting.

There were several shows that fall under the banner of Iyashikei, or healing anime this year. But considering how many times I ended up re-watching Laid Back Camp for that specific kind of feeling, this one was far better than most. Now at the time of this video Slime has not completed its run. While normally that would disqualify it from being mentioned here Icould not skip over it because of just how freaking entertaining the series has been so far. Few shows have made me decide to re-watch it several times, in both languages while it is still airing because I am so desperate for the next episode and Slime has achieved this.

It’s a breath of fresh air for the isikai genre that all too often has come to lean in on the same of tried and true tropes before eventually becoming a qazi harem series. Sime has yet to do that for which I am eternally grateful. The only problem Slime has is how quickly every episode goes by. It’s pacing is whacked in the head which will only be a detriment while the series is still airing. Having to pump the breaks on the story after 20 minutes because the episode is over has never been this difficult for me all year, and it’s really my only major problem I have at the moment at least. Perhaps it’ll get worse by the end, but for now, it’s been one of my favorite shows to round out the year. Bloom Into You is the best romance series of this year for me. And honestly, I could see an argument that it’s not even a romance series at all.

Saying something is a romance series has particular connotations to it that I don’t think applies here. This is not the story of a character that falls in love with someone and then pines over them hoping that they will reciprocate. Or maybe it is, just from a different point of view. In Bloom into You, our protagonist Yuu is stuck on the wrong side of a one sided romance with the student council president and she herself has zero ideas about how she feels about it.

The series is about her challenging her own conceptions about love and romance and desperately trying to sort out her own feelings while also dealing with the advances of her senpai. It’s the kind of story that I have yet to really see be told in this way and with luck, this series won’t be the last. But if it is, man, this one's been a good one. A standout from earlier the year Aggretsuko is a showcase of the modern troubles of working a desk job in Japan.

Despite the culture swap between Tokyo and the western world the struggles of this young red panda resonate with everyone who has held a similar position and dealt with things like shitty bosses, gossiping co-workers, and almost every day being more horrible than the last. Considering that she’s a Sanrio character and the company has historically been very careful about the nature of their content and characters, Aggretsukohas gone far beyond a simple marketing ploy and this short2 and a half hours’ worth of this heavy metal singing panda is a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who has worked in these industries at all.

You will enjoy this, I promise. After that, of course, you can go and check out an ever shorter series called Skullfaced Bookseller Honda-San. Honda-san is to retail what Aggretsuko is to deskwork, the only main difference is how they handle it. While Retsukowas the kind to a bottle of her feelings and let them explode out every night at a karaoke bar, Honda is much more timid and passive. He doesn’t have any obvious outlet for his frustrations but rather chooses to wallow in a pit of despair while on the clock.

Which is relatable in its own way. The only problem I have with Honda is that it’s short, like really short. Each episode is only about 11-ish minutes long which isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps we’ll get another season down the line buteven if not this has been an enlightening ride into the life of a retail worker from Japan. Golden Kamuy is a series that’s hard to really nail down. On the one hand, it’s a fantastic adventure series about finding a map to a lost treasure, and the map happens to be tattooed onto the skin of a bunch of formerly death-row inmates who escaped prison.

On the other hand, the series is also part of cooking series, comedy, murder mystery, and whatever the hell this scene was about. Despite its genre defying narrative the series still manages to keep some level of cohesion about it, enough to be a fully enjoyable experience. The chemistry between the characters is good enough to be worth watching for that alone, and honestly, I’ve reached the point with this series that I don’t even care if they find the gold at the end of it. I just don’t want the series to end.

Which is some of the highest praise I can think of to give it? Everyone and their dog have referred to Cells at Work as Osmosis Jones the anime, including me! But mostly because it’s kind of true. The show is an educational look into the workings of the human body during various different kinds of invasions by bacteria and other viruses, staring anthropomorphized versions of bodily cells. For the most part, it’s fairly accurate in its depictions of what goes on, if not exaggerated slightly for narrative effect.

For what it is, it’s an extremely fun monster of the week type show with some well-explained learning moments all made by the same production studio that gave us JoJo’s Bizzare adventure of all things. It has this charm to it that made me excited to see the further adventures of the red and white blood cells and how they would continue to work and live and complete their jobs. Defiantly worth your time, if for nothing else then to see some of the cutest characters of the year bravely completing their job doing only what they can do. How do I sell you on Bunny Girl senpai? Well for some people, the title will be enough. Bunny girls are a rare breed and this one is particularly well done.

I can say that this series is as close to a modern version of the same kind of wacky mysterious happenings that made Haruhi popular all those years ago. And if either of those doesn’t grab you, I can say that despite the circumstances of how or why the events of this show occur, the resulting development of its characters has been a treat to watch. Don’t believe me? Watch its first three episodes. Those are a kind of closed loop story that could really just be a short film and as the first arc to this series, it does an extremely good job of showing us the world and how things work while also displaying an amusing romance between our leads that I enjoyed watching every second of.

I have a love-hate relationship with Idol shows. Generally speaking, I love the girls the shows end up showcasing but ultimately hate that most of what I watched was a bunch of interconnected stories about the girls without really presenting a collective narrative. maybe that’s just Idolmaster, Zombieland Saga is mostly the best of both worlds, on top of one of the better OP’s of the year. Bring a bunch of skilled girls back from the dead to join together and save the prefecture of Saga.

It’s not entirely clear how a bunch of Zombie Idols will help the situation, but giving these girls a second chance at life in a way, and allowing them to have a happier continuation to their tragic ends was rather sweet, with most episodes focusing specifically on one girl at a time. As the greater narrative gets told. Now if you JUST GIVE US THE BACKTRIES TO YUGIRI AND TAE YOU COWARDS. If I could get one second season for ANY show.this would be it. Because this is the one that I feel most bitter about leaving where it did.

So now that we have showcased each series individually, we need to talk about the best of year. Because it’s a tie. I’m not going to leave it at a tie, but I want to stress just how difficult it is to pick any of the shows mentioned here today as best of the year over any of the others. Every show I’ve talked about has its own awesome quirks that made them memorable to me, made me excited to watch them, made me happy that I did. I have never had a harder year to give a" Best Of" Frosty too then this year of 2018. So let me tell you what the tie is.I have a tie between 4 anime this year, and they are A Place Further than the Universe, Violet Evergarden, Bloom Into You, and Laid Back Camp.

Again to be clear, all of these shows are certified frosty, I would consider all of them to be the best anime of the year, but if you force me at gunpoint to pick one as my absolute favorite, I’d have to go with Laid Back Camp. From the very beginning of this year, this is a series that I have constantly gone back to for comfort and enjoyment, I have watched it in its entirety more times than I can count and will probably do so even more as 2019starts to ramp up. Evergarden is more beautiful and has the best single episode of the year, Bloom Into You I’ve found to be more relatable and has one of the best dubs of the year, A Place Further Than the Universe makes me feel things that I cannot properly describe.

sometimes, I don’t need the best animation or relatable characters, or to have my heart overflow. Sometimes I just need a warm drink and a calming view of Mt.Fuji.And Laid Back Camp is the show that has that. I would not begrudge you for doing that one bit. But this one, this one is mine.

number 20 sword art online starting off this list of course the classic sword art online which has been on everyone’s to watch this ever since that first aired in the summer of 2012 now under absolutely no circumstances should you actually enjoy sword art online but you need to watch it to basically shit on anyone who does yes the easiest way to make friends and get popular to talk about how badSword Art Online was even if you didn’t think it was as bad as everyone says become the life of the party my callingKirito and edgy self instead douche bag and that the first half was so much better than a second half and I guarantee that you will be one of the cool kids.

number 19 I ghibli film come on everyone loves ghibli films even people who hate anime love Ghibli films so you need to loveGhibli too I mean everyone know Miyazaki I hates anime wanted like 50 more Hiroshima ‘he’s so maybe it doesn’t even count as anime just make sure you watch all the ones you need to watch I’m talking spirited away princess Mononoke I literally any other ghibli field to make it seem like you’re not an uncultured he’s only seen spirited away and Princess Mononoke.

number 18 anon ghibli film that is not an Akira or Ghost in the Shell that’s right general public there are other anime films that exist you know there’s that film by that guy who made Digimon films oh that guy who died too early and that guy who makes everything look really pretty whatever their names are probably important.

number 17 an old anime lets get this straight old anime sucks and everyone knows it mean it’s a university proven fact that anything made before the age of digital animation looks God ugly and isn’t worth your time have the further back you go the worse it gets but you’re always against that one fan who’s about your dad’s age reminiscing about that time he watched Macross or some nineties ova literally no one has ever heard of his 50thgeneration but first recording whatever that is so you always need to be able to say something like yeah Astro-boy was my favorite anime growing up tooI’m he’ll probably leave you alone.

number sixteen Shirobako this one is more for the critics or the ones who want to be more knowledgeable about the industry as a whole mean you could do your own research on the inner workings of the anime industry to be well-informed and everything  all that just watch your Shirobako and you’re now have a Ph.D. in anime production so your opinion will now be infinitely more well-informed and anyone else who hasn’t seen it bonus points if you’re so read Bakuman and have become an expert in manga artist too.

Number 15 the nostalgic shows you watched as a kid yes were you a nineties kid who grew up and pokemon a dragon ball z does old-school Toonami bring nothing but joy memories to you maybe came a bit later when Naruto, Bleach, and OnePiece we’re getting popular, either way these are the shows that we’ll always be close to you no matter what anyone else says, help you don’t even know if they were as great as you remember it but that’s ok you were a dumb naive kid back then and you had shit taste but at least you can reflect it now that you’re older and wiser with an equally shit tastes.

number 14 a hentai yes real I’m tired of the rest of the world think that every anime you watch is sometimes called raping freak show and that everytime your mom walks in the room is guaranteed to get out one thing without girl trips overexposing her massive its you can spend your entire lifetime explaining that an amazing wide and varied medium containing some of the the most compelling series of all time but also provides a unique platform for storytelling real talk here guys everyone’s watching him to at least one here even the girls just remember the most important rule of all we’re never allowed to discuss it or even admit that we have in public no one must ever know

Number 13 Legend of the Galactic Heroes now this one is actually a tricky one because no one actually needs to watch legend of the Galactic Heroes they just need to say they want to watch see once you watch the Legend of the Galactic Heroes there is no going back as an anime fan as every anime you watch from then on will be utter trash compared to it and you will quite literally stand above everyone who has not seen Legend of the Galactic Heroes, so if you’re not yet prepared to send to the next planet just say yeah like I’ll definitely watch it one day.

Number 12 an anime where you argue over best girl you’re not a true anime fan unless you’ve argued over which girl in a particular series is indeed best girl, forget politics forget religion you have not seen for conflict until you see a group of nerds argue over which fictional 2dcharacter has the most hypothetically appealing trace in a made-up cast of anime blood is shed friendships are lost and this is the place where you find your true brothers in arms but the one irrefutable fact that you must take by is that anyone who does not agree with review has bad tasteconversely once you get bored of fighting the neverending best girl wars come watch you know show to see that perfectly peaceful utopian society can exist in the real world.

Number 11 something with boobies, because of boobies.

Number 10 that’s one hot anime that everyone iswatching every seasonyou know the one I mean that one thateveryone is exclusively talking aboutbecause apparently no one is watchinganything else this seasonit doesn’t matter if you are you won’tfind anyone else to talk about it withanyway so you might as well get on thehype train and see what all the fuss isaboutjust be prepared for the shit storm thatcomes after it ends you’ve got to eitherlove it or think is an absolute piece ofoverhyped shit cause any other opiniondoesn’t count the total worry it’ll allblow over in about two weeks anywaybecause there was already moved on tonew season then all we have to do ispick the next hot anime coming out andrepeat the cycle once again forever butbefore you do that you need to watchnumber 10.5 the 50 anime your pickup atthe start of every season 2 then dropafter three episodes come on it’s thestart of the season everything looksgood everything has potential I meanyou’re watching shows you would normallywatch but it could be good right so yougotta get an impression then after twoor three episodes you realize what astupid idiot you’ve been trying to keepup with 50 episodes every week and justcontinue to watch the same old shit youalways end up watching you on originalplay.

Number 9 Avatar the Last Airbenderone of the greatest animates ever exist that everyone remembers growing up within TVwhat this isn’t actually an anime that can’t be right i mean it looks like an anime feels like an anime and sounds like an anime so who cares where is made right, I mean God forbid we classify this as *cough* cartoon does this look like family guy to you yeah? No.

Number 8 Boku no Pico and Cory in the House I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the university agreed masterpieces that are Boku no Pico and Corey in the House these two classics have weaved the way to anime culture revolutionizing the way we see modern anime cementing themselves as the I’m just are kidding guys I’m putting this here to a piece of people laughing overused jokes hashtag here come to that boy Harambee.

Number 7 Gundam if you’re Indiana me found for an extended period of time you will inevitably run into the Gundam fan so it’s important that you can hold a respectful conversation with them, but actually becoming a proper Gundam fan and watching all the Gundams will take you about 50 billion 3927 hours three settings of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a game of Dota 2 so what you really need to do is watch a Gundam show any Gundam show doesn’t matter which one Imean they’re all basically the same show anyway you got giant robots, politicians robot the important thing is you now have a favorite Gundam, so when a Gundam fan asks you which one your favorite one is you can always answer the correct answer of the best one they don’t know exactly which one you mean right?Gundam fans and if they do ask which is your favorite Gundam timeline simplyanswer yes!

Number 6 cowboy bebop ever since it first aired on the adult swim this show has become an instant classic for Westernanime fans but is it a must watch because of its memorable characters excellent soundtrack or is definitively cool style No! It’s a must watch so that next time you meet a sub elitists who claim all dubs a shit it’s the one show you can rub right now ugly face that’s universally irrefutable.

Number 5 attack on full metal death note punch man that’s right is the definitive best-selling anime series of everyone’s scene and likes including you!just remember you always have to have one of these in your top 10 favorite anime but you are absolutely not allowed to have themes your number one cause everyone else likes them so you’ll just be seen as an unoriginal cunts.

Number 4 episode 3 of Madoka Magica I don’t know I guess something big is supposed to happen this episode I mean everyone keeps talking about to this day.

Our number 3 a high school anime look it’snot a proper anime unless it’s set in high school if it’s not then you know the characters are high school age by becoming an anime fan you basically attend the Japanese High School yourself mean you’ll be an expert in attending opening ceremonies organizing school festivals and sitting in the backseat of a classroom by the window don’t forget this also means that you’ve seen a lot of slice-of-life animate, see slice of life is a completely unique genre that only exists in anime which means no one actually knows what the proper means so if it’s set in high school it probably has some slice-of-life elements in it and everyone loves that.

Number 2 Neon GenesisEvangelion definitely one of the most influential animate ever come out every fan knows that one day they must eventually watch Neon Genesis Evangelion order to have an opinion on NeonGenesis Evangelion whether you love it hate it doesn’t skip the ending or understand every intricate detail can write a 50 page thesis deconstructing it even if all you really care about is his best girl between masquerade it is imperative that you have an opinion on it because it will be the topic of discussion for approximately the next seven trillion years.

Number 1 your favorite anime that didn’t make thislistlook guys I know that this is the actualtop-20 anime that every fan needs towatch and the fact that your personalfavorite anime didn’t make this list isan absolute travestyit doesn’t matter that I might not haveseen the anime yet oh I don’t think it’sas great as you too and that it’simpossible to list that matcheseveryone’s taste your anime should havebeen here and I obviously don’t knowwhat I’m talking aboutso please be sure to leave a millioncomments tell me about that one animemissed and leave a dislike so I’ve recognize the greatness of that animethat I missed which I definitely willafter you do you know what you should dothat even if your favorite anime was onthis list but not at number one and thatwas ithope you’ve now learned something aboutyourself as an animeand because as part of the title of thisvideo if you haven’t seen absolutelyeverything on this list then obviouslyyou’re not real anime fan yeah well justlike watch whatever you want to watchyour fucking motherhey guys apologies my camera still beingfixed they don’t get see my lovely facejust yetthank you very much this month to GabeBrown, Thomas B, Vincent Mooney,Merederai, and everyone on Patreon forhelping making these videos possible i’malso having a special double giveawaythis month for my patron so go check itout if you want those your underwearmore sustain my asian house for a fewmonths so hello from Thailand I don’tget to see many white people here anywaythat’s it for me though check out myother stuff is this your first time herebut apart from thats I’ve been giving upand I’ll see you all next time.

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