Top Advantages Of Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening starts with lots of little plants. which can give us food and oxygen to breathe but when they get together something incredible happen vertical gardens are a collection of plants that harness the power of nature producing remarkable benefits plants.

The top advantages are with people with a limited space is that I love lots of different kinds vegetables that grow on long sprawling vines what’s really neat is if you build or purchase trellises you can put trellises in and all of your vines the idea is that they grow up instead of sprawl out there’s a couple of really awesome benefits.

Space saver so you’re using all of your vertical space up which you have unlimited space all the way up and a then also just saving your plants from getting damaged on the ground as well as getting eaten by bugs that are on the ground and also disease when your leaves are on the ground.

susceptible and prone to like powdery mildew insects all of that stuff and then what’s really neat too is how many times have you guys ever had it where you’re growing something and it just sprawled out everywhere.

When designing a vertical garden one must ensure that the entire wall gets adequate sunlight throughout the day.

Vertical garden maximizes space and limited wall space can be used to create a vertical garden.

Lots of plants can grow in small balconies or a backyard vertical gardens look organized and clutter free in comparison to potted plants which are kept on tables and floors the vertical garden can function as a natural air purifier if air purifying plants are incorporated within the vertical garden.

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The plants Improve the air quality by absorbing carbon monoxide benzene
trichloroethylene and formaldehyde room the indoor and out to air vertical gardens reduce the carbon footprint by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Vertical garden reduces noise pollution by blocking low frequency noise the plants are healthy in vertical gardens because they receive a lot of sunshine along with good air circulation around the plants the leaves dry faster they are protected from fungal growth pests soil borne diseases and weeds.

Pesticides or insecticides are not used on the plants vertical gardens lower the surrounding temperature by the process of transpiration vertical gardens are easy to maintain because they can be fertilized watered and pruned conveniently a variety of plants can be incorporated within the vertical garden to create by biodiversity.

Vertical garden functions as a focal point and gives a stunning look to the indoor and outdoor areas. It’s makes it so easy to be able to find all of your fruit when it’s just growing straight up or even in arches over you it just hangs down and it’s just beautifully presented and just very easy to harvest.

I’m growing I’m water and on one of my arches which is really really fun. I I hope this encourages you to join me in vertical gardening.

How to start a Vertical Gardening

Buy Pocket SHOE HOLDERS screw into wall or free-standing structure put soil water and seed then wait