What Age Do You Stop Growing ?

Obvious growth in height typically ceases at about the age of 18 in women and 21 in men.

Stages in the human life cycle

Stage Growth events/duration (approximate or average)

Prenatal Life


First trimester Fertilization to 12th week: embryogenesis
Second trimester Fourth through sixth lunar month: rapid growth in length
Third trimester Seventh lunar month to birth: rapid growth in weight and organ maturation


Postnatal life

Neonatal period

Birth to 28 days: extrauterine adaptation, most rapid rate of postnatal growth and



Second month to end of lactation, usually by 36 months: rapid growth velocity,
but with steep deceleration in growth rate, feeding by lactation, deciduous tooth
eruption, many developmental milestones in physiology, behavior, and


Years 3–7: moderate growth rate, dependency on older people for care and
feeding, midgrowth spurt, eruption of the first permanent molar and incisor,
cessation of brain growth by end of stage


Years 7–10 for girls, 7–12 for boys: slower growth rate, capable of self-feeding,
cognitive transition leading to learning of economic and social skills


Occurs at the end of juvenile stage and is an event of short duration (days or a few
weeks): reactivation of central nervous system of sexual development, dramatic
increase in secretion of sex hormones


The stage of development that lasts for 5–10 years after the onset of puberty:
growth spurt in height and weight; permanent tooth eruption almost complete;
development of secondary sexual characteristics; sociosexual maturation;
intensification of interest in and practice of adult social, economic, and sexual


Prime and transition

20 years old to end of child-bearing years: homeostasis in physiology,
behavior, and cognition; menopause for women by age 50

Old age and senescence

From the end of child-bearing years to death: decline in the function of many body
tissues or systems

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