What is couples massage ?

A couple’s massage is generally offered in a private room on side-by-side massage tables with two therapists who work on each individual at the same time. When booked in a full-service spa a couple’s massage will typically include access to showers, hot tubs, lounging areas, and other spa amenities. Many couple’s massage treatments may offer special amenities such as champagne, chocolates, and fruit.

Usually, there is an initial consultation with the massage therapist prior to any treatments to review your session goals and answer any questions you may have. At that point, the therapist will leave the room for a short time while you and your massage partner disrobe and lie down on the massage tables, with sheets covering you.

Couple’s massage is a great way for women to introduce their significant other to the benefits of massage therapy. Many people who are unfamiliar with massage are reluctant to try it but can be convinced if they don’t have to do it alone. Both massages will end at the same pre-appointed time. The massage therapists let you know the session has ended, leave the room while you dress, and then greet you at the door with fresh water.

A couples massage focuses on relaxation and stress reduction sharing a massage session with another person can be a tremendous tool towards connecting with that person and forming stronger bonds in the process. It’s hard to pinpoint every single benefit you will feel when you take the time to indulge with your partner or loved one, but you can be assured that they will be plentiful!
Taking time away from your lives means that you will allow yourself time to process, heal and recover from the daily stresses and strains.

Your skin will glow after gentle, natural products are allowed to penetrate and nourish.
Your heart will feel eased having taken the time to slow down and take a break.

You will likely feel liberated having let your mind be free to file away any feelings of urgency, allowing yourself to be mindful in the moment of indulgence.

Your body will ease away tension and stresses as it sinks into the relaxing journey, with the therapist’s expert hands to find any stubborn spots, your circulation will replensih and detox your tissues, allowing deep general relaxation.

You will feel healthier, more connected and better equipped to face the world together.

Some people may prefer to be massaged with their friend or partner in the room. This may help them feel more comfortable and allow them to find relaxation faster.

Plenty of people are so intimidated by this process that they refuse to get a massage because of the embarrassment or uncomfortableness that comes with those situations. Having someone come with you who you know and trust can alleviate those feelings of stress and transform an atmosphere of fear into one of humour and support.

It’s a great date activity. A couples massage is a great way to relax and unwind together. A couples massage can be romantic and is a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or anniversaries.

If you are a romantic couple, getting a massage together can amplify your physical connection even if neither one of you is doing the massaging. Begin touched raises out levels of the chemical oxytocin.

Be present during your spa experience and take that time to connect with your partner. “Leave your cell phone in your locker, forget about all the stresses in your work and personal life and be present and appreciate your services with your partner. If you succeed in doing that, it will make for a relaxing and intimate couples massage experience,”

Whether you want to strengthen your relationship, celebrate a special occasion, or simply looking for something fun to do with your significant other, a couples massage could be the perfect plan. At A Good Spa Day, we love helping our customers relax and reconnect with the one they love most, and we understand the healing benefits that come with it.

Nervous about couples massage

I can guarantee there’s no need to be nervous! You don’t even have to shave if you don’t want to! Us MTs work on all times of men and women so nothing really phases us. (At least not me :]) Make sure you’re open with your therapist and let them know if there are areas you’d like extra time spent on or areas you don’t want worked. Most people leave on just their underwear but you’ll be draped with a sheet the whole time so feel free to take everything off.

As far as having a male or female work on you, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with. People seem to think that male MTs can work “harder” but that isn’t really true. Massage isn’t just about having strong hands, it’s about using your body weight behind the stroke to make them deeper as well as using the forearm, elbow, fist, etc to add deeper pressure on specific areas.

I’ve had many massages in my day but my first couples massage was wholly new. An individual trip is a way to mentally tune out the noise of your busy life, but sharing that very personal experience of a full-body massage with someone you care about is so exciting and enjoyable. Considering that and his happiness with the experience too, I think it’s safe to say I won major brownie points for this one.

What to wear to a couples massage

On the way to the spa When in doubt, you can’t go wrong wearing a sweatsuit in a pretty pastel, yoga bottoms, lounge pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Layer your swimsuit underneath so you’ll be ready to relax ASAP, or pack it in a structured bag.

Most therapists out there don’t mind if the client chooses to go fully nude under the drape, some actually prefer it. Many clients choose to keep their underwear bottoms on though, and this is perfectly acceptable, even if the therapist would prefer you to be fully disrobed, it isn’t their choice. Either way, underwear or not, private areas are never exposed. For me, if I am not requiring the client to wear shorts, I always work the gluteal region through the drape anyway, so it is not much of an issue.

If being in the buff is what enables you to relax the most, and it’s important to you for your massage therapist to be able to massage with long, uninterrupted strokes, then this is a great option for you. Keep in mind that if you opt for no clothing, your massage therapist is required to leave your private areas covered by the sheets on the massage table for the entire duration of your massage. Never will your private areas be exposed. And even when you turn over, the therapist will hold up the blankets so that they are unable to see you while you’re uncovered.

For a full-body massage, you can opt to keep your pants on or go completely in the buff. You’ll find that most therapists are very skilled at protecting your modesty and making you feel comfortable; you’ll never have to uncover anything you’d rather not.

Buy some special pants however casual and confident you feel, releasing your tackle in the treatment room is NOT The Done Thing. If you even attempt it, you will – at best – be asked to put on humiliating paper pants from the spray-tan suite. But keeping your underwear on can be just as distressing: if you wear boxers (as I do), there’s a very real risk, as your legs are shifted and folded about, that the boys will escape their barracks. The solution: buy a pair of briefs or trunk boxers, even if this is not your usual preference. Remember to wear them to massage treatments each time, just the same way you bring your trunks to the swimming pool.

Ultimately it is up to the client what they choose to wear, and what they are most comfortable with. As therapists, that is our main priority, the clients’ comfort.

Benefits of couples massage

A massage causes all of the muscles in your body to relax, which, in turn, relaxes your mind which makes you feel less anxious about being with your partner on an emotional and a sexual level. Plus, massages stop short of orgasm (or at least they’re supposed to), leaving you hovering on the brink and ready for your lover to complete the act.”

Spending time together: Most couples struggle with making time in their busy schedules to spend quality time together, and a couples massage can be a wonderful way to purposefully and intentionally reconnect.

Massages have been proven to have many physical benefits but can also improve your mental wellbeing. Massages can help to relieve anxiety and stress and give you some headspace, away from your busy lives. Being fully relaxed and stress-free can encourage mindful and thoughtful conversations between couples and allow the lines of communication to open up further. Your relationship will benefit from you both being calm, relaxed and in the moment.

Regular massage with a spouse or partner can make you feel younger, healthier, and much more relaxed, in addition to providing stress relief. But, it make also allow a kind of renewed intimacy that you have not felt for many years.

Relieves Anxiety

A massage can relieve anxiety and tension, and when it is a couple’s massage from professional therapist, it is undoubtedly helpful than any other thing partners can enjoy. Couple’s massage releases some hormones that contribute to removing anxiety and stress. It is very relaxing as well. After a massage session, it helps to take new challenges and makes you tension free for a long time.

Refresh and Renew Your Relationship

There are rough spots in every relationship. If you’ve never tried a couple’s massage before, sometimes, simply trying something new together can be enough to make both of you feel as though you’ve gotten a fresh start. Have you experienced couples massage before? Taking the opportunity to do it again can still give you the chance to relax together, open up to one another, and give your relationship a fresh start.

Are couples massage a good gift

Sure, a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or anniversaries couples massages make great romantic gifts for women and men. Couples room—siblings, friends, mothers and daughters. “There’s been more than I would have expected.” The most important thing is just choosing someone you can really relax and enjoy the experience with.

Couple massage quotes

60-minute massage, you can expect to pay anywhere between about $80 and $150. For a longer session, you’ll end up paying a little more, but you might be happy you did once you’re experiencing it.

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